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Third Reich - Award Documents

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  • Item: G19993

    Award Documents & Photographs to Female Air News Leader; 3./Luftgau Nachrichten Regiment 7  

  • Item: G27070

    An Award Document for a First Class (25 Year) Police Long Service Award 

  • Item: G25180

    A 1941 Luftwaffe Flyerschool Tier One Shooting Award Document 

  • Item: G16964

    A Wound Badge Document to the 125th Armoured Recon Battalion 

  • Item: G26347

    Three Award Documents Signed by Generalleutnant of the Luftwaffe Gustav Wilke 

  • Item: G26418

    A Krim Shield Document & Cloth E-Boat Badge to KC Recipient Kommandant Kurt Fimmen 

  • Item: G26863

    A Bomber Squadron Clasp Award Document to KC & Oakleaves Recipient Alfons Schmidt 

  • Item: G27083

    A Luftwaffe Award Document Group to Unteroffizier Glasmacher; Iron Cross & Flak Badge 

  • Item: G27069

    A Social Welfare Decoration Award Document to Red Cross Main Leader 

  • Item: G27236

    A Set of Panzer Award Documents Signed by von Bismarck 

  • Item: G16965

    A Wound Badge Award Document to 4th Batt. Fallschirmjäger 

  • Item: G19373

    A Scarce Award Document for Army Flak Badge 

  • Item: G21014

    A 1937 HJ Achievement Document at the Berlin Trades Competition  

  • Item: G25222

    A Posthumous Iron Cross Award Document to the Wife of Waffen-SS Sturmbannführer  

  • Item: G21354

    An Extremely Rare Award Document for Adlerrschild des Deutschen Reiches to Prof. Dr. Adolf Bartels 

  • Item: G21488

    A Honour Goblet Award Document to Reconnaissance Pilot 23.7.1943 

  • Item: G21486

    Two Award Documents to the Assistant Physician of 195th Artillery 

  • Item: G23062

    An Observers Badge Document to Obergefreiten Wilhelm Dietrich 

  • Item: G19332

    An Award Document for Kriegsmarine Naval Front Clasp 

  • Item: G18022

    A Luftwaffe Document Group to Stuka Pilot & DKG Recipient 

  • Item: G20471

    An Award Document for Rare SS-Pilots Badge Signed by Famous WWI Ace with Documents, Photos 

  • Item: G31749

    A High Seas Fleet Badge Award Document; Auxiliary Cruiser “Orion 

  • Item: G31750

    A Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge Award Document 1940 

  • Item: G31906

    A 1942 Romanian Faithful Service Medal with Swords Document  

  • Item: G31907

    A 1942 Romanian Crusade Against Communism Award Document  

  • Item: G31901

    A Croatian/German/Italian Award Document to Machine Gunner Franz Laszakovits 

  • Item: G26040

    A Mint Bronze Grade Infantry Assault Badge Award Document to SS-Sturmmann August Haas 

  • Item: G23449

    A Group of Kriegsmarine Award Documents to W. Striewski; Destroyer Paul Jacobi 

  • Item: G24532

    Two Submariner's Posthumous Award Documents to Gustav Adolf Schildt 

  • Item: G24531

    A 1942 Lufthansa Sports Competition Award Document  

Total items found 30

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