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Third Reich - Award Documents

Total items found 10

  • Item: G30225

    Two Award Documents to Heinrich Weber; RAD & Shooting Badge 1st Class 

  • Item: G30231

    A Spanish Civil War Award Document Grouping to Heinz Weissmüller 

  • Item: G30247

    An Award Document Group to the Cavalry Cossack Artillery  

  • Item: G30248

    A Wound Badge Document to Walter Kretschmer; Luftwaffe Artillery Regiment 16 

  • Item: G30250

    An Award Document for the Lappland Shield to Fritz Wittkopp 

  • Item: G30399

    A General Assault Badge Grade III to the 21st Infantry Division; Leningrad  

  • Item: G30400

    A Black Grade Wound Badge Document to the Infamous 707th Infantry Division 

  • Item: G30401

    A 25 Year Faithful Service Cross with Award Document  

  • Item: G30406

    A Croatian/German/Italian Award Document for Bravery Medal to a Dauntless Daredevil 

  • Item: G30481

    A Bronze Grade Tank Badge Award Document to Battle of Dunkirk Recipient of the 4th Panzer Division 

Total items found 10

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