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Third Reich - Award Documents

Total items found 8

  • Item: G14860

    An Honour Goblet Award Document to the Condor Legion 

  • Item: G14908

    A Group of Award Documents to Master Sergeant of 8th Fallschirmjäger Regt. 

  • Item: G28722

    A Fine Grouping of Late War Award Documents of Waffen-SS EM Peter Ascher of the Fierce 12th SS Pz. Gren. Division 

  • Item: G28724

    A Fine Grouping of Award Documents of Waffen-SS Corporal Karl Erl of the 2./SS-Geb. Jäger. Rgt. 28 

  • Item: G28725

    An Award Booklet for the German Equestrian Badge; Bronze Grade 

  • Item: G28728

    An Extensive Collection of Awards, Photos, & Documents of Kriegsmarine Machinist  

  • Item: G28877

    An Clasp to the Iron Cross 1st Class Award Document Signed by Wilhelm Stemmermann 

  • Item: G28882

    A Sudetenland Medal Award Dcoument to Colonel Hans Ludwig Müller 

Total items found 8

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