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Third Reich - Award Documents

Total items found 12

  • Item: G23810

    A Certificate for Honorary Cross for War Participants (1914-1918) 

  • Item: EU12432

    A Croatian Military Order of Trefoil Award Document to SS-Hauptsturmführer Schröder Hermann 

  • Item: G26819

    Two Award Documents to Kapitän zur See Stiegel; Knight's Cross Recipient for Operation Weserübung 

  • Item: G27050

    Two Large Award Documents to Alfred Hausse; Reconnaissance Detachment 

  • Item: G27056

    A Large 1944 Promotion Document to Paul Huspenina; Conductor  

  • Item: G27597

    A Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross Award Document Presented to Sr. Lt. Lieutenant Gustav Ellmers 

  • Item: G21383

    A Luftwaffe Honor Goblet Award & 100 Mission Documents to Obergefreiten Karl-Heinz Baumann, 8./KG 4 

  • Item: G29901

    An Unissued & Rare Award Document for the 1st Class German Eagle Order  

  • Item: G20471

    An Award Document for Rare SS-Pilots Badge Signed by Famous WWI Ace with Documents, Photos 

  • Item: G19993

    Award Documents & Photographs to Female Air News Leader; 3./Luftgau Nachrichten Regiment 7  

  • Item: G33192

    Two Certificates for Eastern Front Medal to Obergefreiter of Flak Regiment 

  • Item: G33193

    A 4th Class Long Service Award Document to Matrosenhauptgefreiter Elwert 

Total items found 12

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