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  • Item: G30877

    Two Award Documents to Medical Corporal of Grenadier Regiment 347  

  • Item: G30883

    A Gold Grade Wound Badge & EK Group to Hauptmann POW of 473rd Grenadiers 

  • Item: G30890

    An Award Document Group to Mountain Troop Machine Gunner Robert Lamken 

  • Item: G30891

    A Russian Front Award Document Group to the Füsilier Battalion 50 

  • Item: G30894

    A 1944 Wound Badge Award Document to Grenadier Regiment 15 

  • Item: G30898

    A 1944 Assault Badge & Wound Badge Award Group to Grenadier Regiment 436  

  • Item: G30901

    An Assault Badge Award Document to Construction Sapper Battalion 80 

  • Item: G30906

    A Gold Grade Wound Badge Document Grouping to Leningrad Combatant of 389 Regiment  

  • Item: G30907

    An Eastern Front Medal certificate to Ambulance Battalion NCO Helmut Loos 

  • Item: G30909

    A War Merit Cross 2nd Class Document to Medical Lance Corporal Wilhelm Keller 

  • Item: G30910

    A Bravery Award Document to SS-Sturmmann Bäuerle, SS Division “Prinz Eugen” 

  • Item: G30912

    A 1935 Stahlhelm Commencement of Duty Badge Document to Alfons Endres 

  • Item: G30911

    A General Assault Badge Document to Tank Destroyer  

  • Item: G30712

    A Congratulatory Letter from 1st Battalion of Infantry Regiment 432 for Iron Cross  

  • Item: G30714

    A War Merit Cross 2nd Class Document to the Staff of Luftgau Command XII/XIII  

  • Item: G30717

    A Large Marksmanship Certificate for Panzer Units 

Total items found 16

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