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T.R. - Promotion & Other Documents

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  • Item: G34035

    A Latvian Waffen-SS Social Assistance Certificate and Portrait  

  • Item: G34041

    A Large Document Group with Important Signatures to German Red Cross Officer Generaloberarzt Ludwig Ruidisch  

  • Item: G34036

    A Promotion Application Signed by SS-Gruppenführer Kaltenbrunner  

  • Item: G34043

    A Large NSDAP Group to the Economic & Administrative Leader of Latvia  

  • Item: G34037

    A German Customs Appointment Certificate to Walter Bosse  

  • Item: G34060

    A Large Document Group; Occupation Denmark, Wounded in Belgium 1940, Crimea KIA  

  • Item: G34082

    A 1944 Promotion Document to Luftwaffe Stabsfeldwebel Heinrich Deppe  

  • Item: G34090

    An Honourary Certificate of Service as a HJ Luftwaffe Helper  

Total items found 8

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