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eMedals-Germany, Kriegsmarine. An Extensive Wartime Photo Album & Documents Of Sailor Of Cruiser “Köln”, Attack On Norway

Item: G44145

Germany, Kriegsmarine. An Extensive Wartime Photo Album & Documents Of Sailor Of Cruiser “Köln”, Attack On Norway

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Germany, Kriegsmarine. An Extensive Wartime Photo Album & Documents Of Sailor Of Cruiser “Köln”, Attack On Norway

A private photo album with 37 photos commemorating the cruiser “Köln” and her crew’s participation in the attack on Norway in April of 1940. Measuring 308mm (w) x 220mm (h), displaying some signs of usage on the cover, remaining near extremely fine.

The diary of sailor Waltenberger chronicling his basic military training. The first entry was made on April 3, 1939. Waltenberger trained as part of the 3rd company of 10th Schiffs-Stamm-Abteilung in Bremerhaven. The training period ended in late June, after which Waltenberger was deployed to serve on the cruiser “Köln”. A single entry from April 7, 1940 mentions preparations for what would become the attack on Norway. Measuring 162mm (w) x 207mm (h), displaying minor signs of usage, remaining better than very fine.

A period commemorative picture book of cruiser “Köln” during the early stages of the war, 1939-1940, including taking part in the occupation of Norway; shows Waltenberger’s stamp on the inside cover; measuring 225mm (w) x 145mm (h), cover exhibiting minor to moderate signs of usage, remaining near extremely fine.

26 period photos of the taking of the Westerplatte at the very start of the Second War during the Polish campaign, including the subsequent visit of German officials, including AH and Göring; measuring ca. 120mm (w) x 85mm (h), remaining extremely fine to near mint.

3 studio portraits of Waltenberger in uniform, one period, two post-war; one of these in frame, Waltenberger in the rank of Bootsmannsmaat, wearing Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon, Iron Cross 1st Class, and High Seas Fleet Badge, photo measuring 103mm (w) x 165mm (h), mint; second post-war showing Waltenberger as enlisted sailor, dated to February 1939, measuring 108mm (w) x 168mm (h), near mint; period photo measuring 90mm (w) x 140mm (h), near mint.

One post-war print of Panzerschiff Lützow, measuring 190mm (w) x 128mm (h), mint; and four photos of Waltenberger at the 12th Naval Meeting “Lützow”, May 19 to 22, 1989.

A framed piece of paper showing the symbols of the 22nd U-boat hunting flotilla Mediterranean and the 6th securing flotilla Marseille; measuring 108mm (w) x 150mm (h), extremely fine.


Footnote: Theodor Waltenberger lived and was most likely born in Babenhausen (southern Bavaria). Although from the very south of Germany, he wanted more than anything to join the Kriegsmarine. In his diary he states that he first saw the sea when he travelled north to become a sailor. Waltenberger served on the cruiser “Köln” and saw action during the attack on Norway in the spring of 1940. He later served on the heavy cruiser “Lützow”, however it is unknown when exactly and in which operations he participated. Waltenberger, who was likely born around 1920, survived the war and was still alive in 1989.

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