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eMedals-Germany. An Early & Extensive Photo Album with Funeral Sash to NSKK Brigadeführer Wilhelm Uhde, c.1931

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Germany. An Early & Extensive Photo Album with Funeral Sash to NSKK Brigadeführer Wilhelm Uhde, c.1931



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Germany. An Early & Extensive Photo Album with Funeral Sash to NSKK Brigadeführer Wilhelm Uhde, c.1931

The is an exceptionally early and complete photo album containing 324 original, and unpublished photographs depicting the early years of the NSKK from the perspective of Brigadeführer Wilhelm Uhde. The album measures 305x219mm, in better than fine condition with some damage to the pages, most of the 324 photos intact and in extremely fine condition, whereas a few are slightly damaged. The photos measure between 62x57mm and 236x178mm. The sash measures 1910x175mm, very fine condition with two bigger and two smaller rips and missing pieces of fabric, a rip in one of the two swastikas of which both are scuffed and creased, with light soiling. The news article is part of a double page from the Bremer Zeitung, issue 92, dated to Monday, April 5, 1937. It measures 400x573mm, near extremely fine condition with light fraying and four punched holes on each side. It describes the parade on account of Uhde stepping back as commander of Motorbrigade Nordsee at his own request. Among the guests and speakers are Gauleiter Carl Georg Röver (1889–1942) and NSKK Gruppenführer Heinrich Jürgensen (1899–unknown). The NSKK theme means many pictures show men on motorbikes and with cars. There are several parades, troops being inspected, unit photos, as well as a motorcycle competition. There are also several photos of Uhde attending a funeral, which is where he might have gotten the sash. In the early photos, Uhde wears the collar tab insignia of a Standartenführer, in the later ones those of an Oberführer.

The pictures are dated to between 1931 and 1935. They were taken in many different German cities, among them Osnabrück, Delmenhorst, Brunswick, Bremen, Hanover, Goslar, Koblenz, Heidelberg, Würzburg, and Nuremberg. A few from the very first pages are dated to Hasbruch in 1932, a forest near Bremen. One is of the Mitteldeutsches Treffen (central German meeting) in Brunswick on October 17, 1931. Several show an assembly of support by the SA and NSKK troops of Bremen for the Saar area to reunite with Germany, which had been an independent area between 1920 and 1935. The final picture shows the Motorsturm 1/3 Leer (northern Germany), ready for a training session, October 1933.

Footnote: He became an NSKK Brigadeführer (Major General equivalent) on November 9, 1935. He is known to have been awarded an Iron Cross (1914) 2nd Class, a Brunswick War Merit Cross, a War Merit Cross with Swords, and a First War Black Grade Wound Badge.

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