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eMedals-An SS Document & Photo Group to Untersturmführer Karl-Heinrich Plath; Nordland Division

Item: G20549

An SS Document & Photo Group to Untersturmführer Karl-Heinrich Plath; Nordland Division


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An SS Document & Photo Group to Untersturmführer Karl-Heinrich Plath; Nordland Division

Photo Album (containing forty-one black and white photographs of various sizes, with either matte or gloss finishes, taken in Norway and illustrating a variety of subjects, including: many of Plath himself (including one of him on a bicycle), groups, SS officers, soldiers (at work and leisure), barracks, woods, mountainous countryside, winter scenes (including Plath with what is assumed to be his girlfriend, Miss Anne Mackens, and a dog), automobiles (including one of them stuck in the mud with four soldiers and an officer looking on). The black front cover is stamped in silver ink with a large SS Runes, the album containing twenty-three pages on a thick paper stock, the photographs spread over the first twelve pages with the remaining eleven pages remaining blank, vellum inserts between the pages, eyelets on the spine with a cord tie and tassels at either end of the cord, 188 mm x 272 mm x 26.5 mm, the front cover exhibiting wear along the edges on the right side, the photographs inside remaining unaffected); a Photograph of Plath signing up volunteers in Norway for the SS Division “Nordland” (black and white, gloss finish, four line handwritten inscription in blue ink on the reverse, 116 mm x 170 mm, creases in two corners); his German Passport (black and white photo of Plath with eyelet placed in the upper left corner, date stamped July 16, 1935 with Hamburg rubber stamp, along with Belgian Tourist Visa date stamped July 20, 1935, rubber stamped and gummed stamp, containing thirty-two pages printed in black and orange inks on a greenish-white paper stock, plus brownish-green card cover with "DEUTSCHES REICH" and "REISEPASS" flanking the German eagle printed in black ink on the front cover, 108 mm x 165 mm, two hole punched on the front cover, light wear); Certificate of German Nationality (dated September 21, 1942 at Hamburg, with two Chief Constable rubber stamps and a gummed stamp, printed in black and green inks on an off-white paper stock, 207 mm x 295 mm, edge wear); Response to a Marriage Request from the SS Office (dated March 27, 1940, addressed to Plath, denying him permission to marry, teletype transmission in black ink on an off-white paper stock, 107 mm x 211 mm, two hole punched, edge wear); Letter of Appeal from Plath to the SS Command Regarding His Denied Marriage Request (dated April 30, 1940 at Hamburg, typed in black ink on a white tissue-like paper stock, 208 mm x 295 mm, edge wear); Certificate of Discharge (in English, stamped with the date of discharge "22 JAN 1946", with his right thumbprint in blue ink, printed in black ink on an off-white paper stock, 212 mm x 274 mm, edge wear); Court Summons to a Spruchgericht (De-Nazification Court, dated October 16, 1947 at Stade, Lower Saxony, printed in black ink on a light brownish paper stock, two-sided, 209 mm x 297 mm); Internment Identification and Release Form (dated November 6, 1947, from Orderly Room at No. 2 Civil Internment Camp, three rubber stamps on the inside spread, one rubber stamp on the reverse, four pages printed in black ink on off-white paper stock, two hole punched, 211 mm x 317 mm, edge wear and discolouration); and two Newspaper Clippings (one from a Norwegian newspaper about Volunteers for the Nordland Division, the other with a photograph of three officers and two women waving to passengers on a plane)

Footnote: Karl-Heinrich Plath was born on November 25, 1907 in Kiel, Germany. He was a Salesman (Kaufmann) and a longtime resident of Hamburg before he enlisted. He achieved the rank of Untersturmführer (Second/Junior Storm Leader, which was the first commissioned officer rank) with the SS, Number 179689, on January 30, 1938 and served as part of the German occupation force in Norway during the Second World War. His adventures and exploits in Norway were documented in the accompanying photo album, along with a separate photo of Plath signing up volunteers in Norway for the SS Division “Nordland”. Plath received a teletyped letter from SS Head Office 565, dated March 27th 1940, (from translation) stating: " Untersturmführer Karl-Heinrich Plath Via SS o a North West Hamburg. The Reichsfuhrer of the SS decision regarding your Marriage Request: Denied or dismissed from the SS, r.u.s Hauptamt, signed: Theilen SS Hauptsturmführer". A letter of response was issued by Plath while residing in Hamburg, to the Reichsfuhrer of the SS in Berlin, dated April 30, 1940, (from translation) stating: "As stated in the above message, my request to marry Fraulein Anne Mackens was denied. I ask of you, Reichsfuhrer, to reconsider for the following reasons: I have known Miss Mackens for over five years. An earlier marriage which was planned four years ago but was not possible because of my mother who was left a widow without income needed my support. My mother died in February of last year, and we are now in a financial situation to enter into marriage. Miss Mackens and I have both lived through unhappy relationships in the past, and that is the main reason that neither of us are married now. Since she has been faithful to me all these years, and that we complete each other in every aspect, it would be exceptionally painful for us to have to separate. We are both completely convinced that we would have children and in that way fulfill our responsibility to the people. After an inspection by SS Doctor Pfloeger, there is no medical indication of infertility. If changing your opinion is not possible, it would be a terrible upset for me and lead me to further conflict, and leave me with the difficult task of finding a younger woman. I am fully aware of my duties to the people as an SS Fuhrer, and beg of you, Reichsfuhrer, considering the reasons and my difficult situation, to rethink my request. Heil Hitler!" Plath was a recipient of the SA Sports Badge in Bronze and the Reichs Sports Badge in Bronze. In his Certificate of Discharge, dated January 2, 1946, it was noted that he was now Married. After the war, he was charged with war crimes, due to the fact he was a member of the SS. In the Sasel Case held between April 23 and June 10, 1946, a number of SS officers were tried, many of which were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, with a few declared "Not Guilty". Untersturmführer Plath was sentenced to six months imprisonment and interned at No. 2 Civil Internment Camp. On October 16, 1947, a Summons to a Spruchgericht (De-Nazification Court) was issued to the interned Karl-Heinz Plath at Sandbostel Camp in Kiel, the summons issued by the state prosecutor of Uthke, (from translation) stating: "At the wish of the public plaintiff’s, the following punitive measure is being taken against you: 1. It will be ascertained that you, as of September 1st, 1939, were a member of an organization ruled criminal by the Nuremberg Trials, namely the SS and 2. You will be tried to a prison sentence of 6 months. The sentence will be carried out by detention after May 8th, 1945. The judgement is on the basis of the Nuremberg Ruling and in conjunction with the Kontrollrats Law Nr. 10, and Regulation Nr. 69".

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