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eMedals-A Private Photo Collection of Admiral Erich Förste; Commander of Naval High Command North

Item: G31549

A Private Photo Collection of Admiral Erich Förste; Commander of Naval High Command North


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A Private Photo Collection of Admiral Erich Förste; Commander of Naval High Command North

A private photo collection from Admiral in the Kriegsmarine Erich Förste. 24 pictures, including several of high ranking officers, among them Grand Admiral Dönitz, Grand Admiral Raeder, and General Field Marshal Kesselring. The photos measure between 175x129mm and 116x88mm, all in near mint to mint condition. Some of the photos contain handwritten information by Förste on the reverse.

#1: Förste with the coastal defence. On his uniform Förste’s German Cross is visible.

#2: Förste visits coastal defence facilities..

#3: From left to right: Captain at sea Richard Rothe-Roth (eventually Rear Admiral), Admiral Peroni, Förste, and Admiral Catalano. Peroni and Catalano are members of the Royal Italian Navy. Interestingly, Peroni wears an Iron Cross 1st Class. The picture is dated to January 1942.

#4: Troop inspection with Grand Admiral Dönitz.

#5: Förste with Grand Admiral Raeder and Admiral Karlgeorg Schuster (German Cross in Gold).

#6: Förste with a coastal defence unit.

#7: Förste on an Italian fast attack boat. The picture is dated to April 9, 1942.

#8/9: Förste addressing the crew of a minesweeper.

#10: Senior Lieutenant at sea Kleiner receives the German Cross in Gold.

#11: Captain Lieutenant Albert Österlin (1903–1944) receives the German Cross in Gold on August 18, 1942. He was killed in action and posthumously received the Knight’s Cross.

#12: Vice Admiral Förste.

#13: Förste on an U-Boot-Jäger (submarine chaser).

#14: A visit by General Field Marshal Albert Kesselring (KC w/ Oak Leaves, Swords, Diamonds).

#15: Förste on Captain Francesco Mimbelli’s destroyer. Mimbelli (1903–1978) served in the Royal Italian Navy and retired in 1964 in the rank of Vice Admiral.

#16: Addressing the crew of Captain Rolf Johannesson’s destroyer “Hermes”. Johannesson (1900–1989) was a recipient of the Knight’s Cross.

#17: Förste with Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Oshima and Luftwaffe Generals Hans Ferdinand Geisler (KC) and Hellmuth Felmy (German Cross/Gold). The photo is dated to April 14, 1942.

#18: Vice Admiral Förste.

#19: Admiral Schuster gives out War Merit Crosses. The photo is dated to April 1942.

#20: Saying goodbye to Captain Mimbelli. The Italian wears an Iron Cross 1st Class.

#21: Förste with marathon runner Captain Lieutenant Krenzlinger. Krenzlinger has dedicated and signed the photo on the reverse. It is dated to May 10, 1942.

#22: Förste with Vice Admiral Siegfried Maßmann. The photo is dated to Saloniki (Greece) on April 25, 1941.

#23: Visit by Grand Admiral Raeder.

#24: Grand Admiral Raeder and Vice Admiral Maßmann.

Footnote: Erich Förste (1892–1963) joined the Imperial German Navy in 1910. By the beginning of the First War, he was of Lieutenant rank and served as guard officer and adjutant on the dreadnought “Friedrich der Große”. In March of 1916, he was promoted to Senior Lieutenant. Later that year, Förste completed a submarine training course and was then stationed as guard officer on U 86. Since March of 1918, he commanded his own submarine. After the war, Förste was taken over into the Reichsmarine and promoted to Captain Lieutenant in January 1921. During the 1920s and early 1930s, he continued to climb the rank ladder. In September of 1935, he received his promotion to Captain at sea. Two years later, Förste became the commanding officer of the light cruiser “Karlsruhe”. He went on to command the battleship “Gneisenau” in May of 1938. In November of 1939, he was made Rear Admiral and was redeployed to the Kriegsmarine shipyard Wilhelmshaven, where he first became Chief of the Central Department, and then Chief of Staff. In September of 1941, Förste received his promotion to Vice Admiral. That same month, he was appointed “Admiral Ägäis” (Agean Sea), meaning he was in charge of the Kriegsmarine operations concerning occupied Greece. Shortly after his promotion to Admiral in March of 1943 and being awarded his highest honour, the German Cross in Gold on May 25, he became Commander-in-chief of the Marineoberkommando Nord (Naval High Command North) in June, a position he would hold until the end of the war. Afterwards he forged a career in journalism and worked as chief editor of the Marine-Rundschau (Naval Review) magazine from 1953 to 1956. In 1955, he began writing Grand Admiral Erich Raeder’s memoirs, published in 1957.


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