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  • Item: G20957

    Four German Military Business Cards; Mussgay, Joachim, Basler, & Raddau 

  • Item: G25503

    Knight’s Cross Bearers of the Army 1942; Oberst Karl Lohmeyer 

  • Item: G25016

    A V1 Rocket "Shadow over England" Propaganda Campaign Leaflet 1944 

  • Item: G26820

    A 1935 Invitation to the Patrons of the SS-Motorstandarte 20 to a Social Dinner  

  • Item: G24287

    A Posthumous Award Document to Kriegsmarine U-23 Officer 

  • Item: G31894

    An Envelope Sent by Airship “Hindenburg” to New York, 1936 

  • Item: G31905

    A 1939 Letter to Dr. Porsche Regarding VW Factory Policies  

  • Item: G31900

    A Voluntary Labour Service (RAD precursor) ID Card to Walter Weißenborn 

  • Item: G31904

    A German Propaganda Magazine “Der Schulungsbrief”, Vol. 5, Issue 7 

  • Item: G31908

    A 1942 Regional NSDAP Certificate with Photo of Recipient 

Total items found 10

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