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Purveyors of Authentic Militaria


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  • Item: G34039

    A 1943 Cover of the Donau-Wald-Kurier Regional NSDAP Newspaper  

  • Item: G34033

    A Kleiderkasse-SS Receipt for Clothing Items Purchased by Hasselwander for Officer’s School  

  • Item: G34040

    An Issue of NSDAP Propaganda Newspaper “Völkischer Beobachter”, vol. 54, issue 161  

  • Item: G34038

    An Issue of Agricultural Magazine for Reich Food Production Exhibition  

  • Item: G34086

    A Luftwaffe Sales Department Pilot Badge Delivery Notice  

  • Item: G34102

    A 1934 Newspaper Frontpage of the Death of von Hindenburg with his Signature  

  • Item: G34099

    An SS Public Notice for the Sentencing of Russian Saboteur Wassili Sjabew  

Total items found 7

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