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eMedals-Germany, SA. An SA-Mann’s Belt Buckle, NSDAP Party Member Karl Waidhas

Item: G40148

Germany, SA. An SA-Mann’s Belt Buckle, NSDAP Party Member Karl Waidhas



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Germany, SA. An SA-Mann’s Belt Buckle, NSDAP Party Member Karl Waidhas

(SA-Mann Koppellschloss Gürtelschnalle). Constructed of brass, the obverse with a national eagle perched atop a mobile wreathed swastika, surrounded by two loops of ropes, with two oak leaf twigs on the bottom, the reverse with a dual soldered catch and a standard dual prong spring bar, measuring 64 mm (w) x 47 mm (h), presenting damage to the dual prongs, and in overall fair condition.

Footnote: Item belonged to NSDAP Party Member Karl Waidhas. Karl Waidhas was born on 9 September 1895 in Weiden, Bavaria. He served in the 13th Infantry Regiment of the German Army during the First World War and, in the interwar period, was awarded decorations by Bulgaria and Hungary for his services. Waidhas joined the NSDAP on 8 August 1925, becoming member number 13875. He was later a recipient of the Golden Party Badge, which was bestowed on 14 April 1934, as well as the NSDAP 25-Year Long Service Cross, which he received on 31 May 1940. During the Second World War, Waidhas was an official with Deutsche Reichsbahn (German National Railways). According to his NSDAP membership booklet, he remained a member in good standing until March 1945

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