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eMedals-A German Police Officer's Dress Cross Belt with Buckle & Pouch

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A German Police Officer's Dress Cross Belt with Buckle & Pouch

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A German Police Officer's Dress Cross Belt with Buckle & Pouch

Belt is fabricated with a fine aluminum wire interlaced with white threading on the upper, the edges and reverse in bluish-green wool, with two distinct pieces composing the length of the belt, with slotted leather tabs stitched in place at either end, the tabs to be looped around the end brass posts on the bottom of the pouch: the longer piece, unmarked, with a pebbled aluminum oval buckle, slider and half-moon shaped guard at the junction end, the shorter piece secured in place via a loop on the reverse of the buckle on the longer piece, the belts measure 51 mm wide each, the shorter piece 350 mm in length and the longer piece approximately 1,240 mm in length. The accompanyingpouch is fabricated from a thick leather, upper with a smooth black finish, the reverse in a raw leather, a weather flap stitched in place on the front with a 51.5 mm x 100.5 mm die-stamped silvered aluminum Police insignia affixed via three prongs on the underside and held firmly in place via a thin strip of leather tied between and knotted around the bottom prong, three brass posts on the bottom, the two outer ones to be attached to the ends of the aforementioned belt, angled straps on either side on the reverse for placement upon a waist belt, slotted strap stitched in place on the reverse of the weather flap and when connected to central brass post on the bottom of the pouch, ensures a secure fit, overlaying slotted centre strap also attached to the central brass post, the pouch measuring 60.5 mm x 105 mm x 23.5 mm. Extremely fine.

Footnote: From the collection of approximately 900 German buckles accumulated by John R. Angolia, who start collecting buckles, belts and brocades from 1944 until around 1990; most of the buckles were obtained from the American and German veterans; most of these buckles present a core of Angolia’s book “Belt Buckles & Brocades of the Third Reich”, published in 2001.

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