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  • Item: G30085

    A Kriegsmarine Line Officer's Brocade Dress Belt 

  • Item: G30097

    A Hermann Göring Division NCO's Uniform & Soldbuch of Oberfeldwebel Franz Weigl 

  • Item: G30096

    An SA (Sturmabteilungen) Enlisted Man's Belt with Buckle  

  • Item: G30095

    An Army (Heer) Enlisted Man's Belt with Buckle by by J.Deutschbein Euskirchen 1938 

  • Item: G30094

    A Mint Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Officer’s Aiguillette 

  • Item: G30093

    A Wehrmacht Heer Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) Belt Buckle by Richard Simm & Söhne 

  • Item: G30092

    A 1945 Kriegsmarine Hero’s Death Notice  

  • Item: G30091

    A Luftwaffe Honour Document from Banak Airfield, Occupied Norway 

  • Item: G30090

    A German First War "Reims" Matchbox Cover  

  • Item: G30089

    A German Police Enlisted Man's Belt with Buckle by Richard Simm & Sohne 

  • Item: G30087

    An NSDAP Pennant  

  • Item: G30086

    An NSDAP Swastika Car Pennant 

  • Item: G30084

    A 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger by Carl Eickhorn, Solingen 

  • Item: G30065

    A Second War Period German Hoheitszeichen (National Eagle) Wall Plaque 

  • Item: G30082

    A Document Grouping to U-136 Commander Heinrich Zimmermann; KIA 1942 

  • Item: G30080

    A Luftwaffe Honour Goblet to Knight’s Cross Recipient Hauptmann Wilhelm Sell  

  • Item: G30079

    A Complete Second War Army (Heer) Canteen 

  • Item: G30078

    A Rare Set of U-Boat Commander's Binoculars c.1943 by Carl Zeiss of Jena 

  • Item: G30077

    Three Second War German Marching Song Vinyl Records  

  • Item: G30076

    A Mint Kriegsmarine Drill Uniform 

  • Item: G30075

    An M42 Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Stahlhelm with a M31 Bread Bag Strap 

  • Item: G30074

    A Wehrmacht Flak/Artillery Parade Waffenrock NCO’s Visor Cap 

  • Item: G30072

    A Large Lot of Documents to Julius Maier; Award & Family Documents, & Post-War Employment References 

  • Item: G30071

    Two Wartime Drawings of Wehrmacht Officers; Knight's Cross Recipients  

  • Item: G30068

    A Sponsoring Members SS Monthly Magazine 

  • Item: G30067

    A Very Fine Group of Award Documents to Fallschirmjäger & POW  

  • Item: G30066

    A 1940 State Debenture Bond Mecklenburg 100 Reichsmark  

  • Item: G30064

    A Set of Pre First War Bavarian Binoculars c.1900 

  • Item: G30063

    A Second War German Dagger Pommel Nut Wrench 

  • Item: G30062

    A Grouping of Two XI Summer Olympic Games (1936) Pins 

  • Item: G30061

    A RAD (National Labour Service) Membership Badge for Female Members by ANG 

  • Item: G30060

    A Third Reich Era “Luftsport Helps Germany” Donation Badge 

  • Item: G30059

    A 1934 Saarbrücken Pentecost Conference of the Rhein and Mosel Badge 

  • Item: G30058

    A 1935 German Day of Labour (May 1st) Badge by G. Danner of Mühlhausen 

  • Item: G30057

    A Silver Grade DRL Sports Badge by Wernstein of Jena 

  • Item: G30056

    A Third Reich Period RLB “Air Raid Protection is Self Protection” Badge by Karl Wurster 

  • Item: G30054

    A 1935 Anschluss of the Saar (March 1st) Celebration Badge by Deschler of Munich 

  • Item: G28636

    A 1936 Pommern Day of Technology Badge 

  • Item: G28660

    An Iron Cross 1939 First Class by Klein & Quenzer in its Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G28659

    A 2nd Type Luftwaffe Breast Eagle for an Officer’s Overcoat 

  • Item: G28649

    A Luftwaffe Medal Bar of Four 

  • Item: G28648

    An Iron Cross 2nd Class Field Converted to Knight Cross 

  • Item: G28646

    A Fine Quality 1939 Kampfspiele Badge 

  • Item: G28630

    A 1934 NSKOV Lübeck National Socialist War Veteran’s Care Badge 

  • Item: G28625

    A Narvik Shield Miniature Stick Pin 

  • Item: G28623

    An Absolutely Mint Iron Cross 1939 Second Class in its Original LDO Case of Issue 

  • Item: G28621

    A 1933 Münster “Homeland and Reich” Badge 

  • Item: G30052

    A NSBO Cap Badge 

  • Item: G30051

    A 1937 Regional District Day of the Bavarian Ostmark Badge by F. Thomas  

  • Item: G30050

    A Zeppelin Aviation Medallion Crafted Out Of The Remains Of Zeppelin LZ4 

  • Item: G30049

    A Mint and Unissued Reichsbahn WVD Brüssel Sleeve Eagle 

  • Item: G30048

    A Cased German 40-Year Faithful Service Cross; First Class by Deschler & Sohn 

  • Item: G30047

    A Third Reich Period German “NSDAP Harvesting Service/Aide” Badge 

  • Item: G30046

    A 1934 KDF (Strength Through Joy) Day of Flight in Erfurt Badge 

  • Item: G30045

    A Grouping of Four Third Reich Period German Badges 

  • Item: G30044

    A 1933 HJ Regional Day of Youths in Düsseldorf Badge 

  • Item: G30043

    A 1937 HJ 2nd Regional Rally at the Nordsea in Bremen Badge 

  • Item: G30042

    A 1935 HJ German Festival of Youths Badge 

  • Item: G30041

    A 1934 “The Saar is German” Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G30040

    A 1934 Würzburg HJ Rally Badge 

Total items found 20270

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