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  • Item: W2031

    French Colonial. An Order of Said Ali of the Comoro Islands  

  • Item: EU10692

    France. An Order of St.John, Commander's Cross, c.1960  

  • Item: EU10704

    France, First Empire. A Miniature Order of St. Michael in Gold, c.1820  

  • Item: EU12224

    France. A Crimea Period French Medaille Militaire in Silver  

  • Item: EU14615

    France, Colonial. A Burkina Faso National Order, Grand Cross Set by Arthus Bertrand  

  • Item: EU14643

    France, First Empire. A Legion D'Honneur, Officer's Cross, Type III, c.1809  

  • Item: EU14637

    France, Louis Philippe I. A Royal & Military Order of St. Louis in Gold, Knight, c.1835  

  • Item: EU14641

    France, Third Republic. A Legion D'Honneur with Diamonds, Knight, c.1880  

Total items found 8

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