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  • Item: EU9774

    Austria, Imperial. An Order of Franz Joseph, Commander Award Document, c.1889  

  • Item: EU12544

    Croatia. An Order of the Iron Trefoil 1941-1945, 2nd Class with Oak Leaves, c.1941  

  • Item: EU12687

    Croatia. An Army Officer’s Cap Badge, c.1941  

  • Item: EU14134

    Croatia. A 53rd Regiment Trenk's Medal, c.1918  

  • Item: EU14787

    Croatia. A Ustaša Member's Badge, c.1941  

  • Item: EU14803

    Croatia. A Bravery Medal 2nd Class in Silver, c.1943  

  • Item: EU14786

    Croatia. An Order of King Zvonimir's Crown with Swords; 3rd Class. c.1941  

  • Item: EU14815

    Croatia. A Ustasha Insignia and Aircrew Badge, c.1941  

  • Item: EU14817

    Croatia. A Set of Ustasha Cap Badges  

  • Item: EU14818

    Croatia. A Second War Croatian Guard Unit (H.G.Z.) Badge  

Total items found 10

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