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Austria (Imperial)

Total items found 38

  • Item: EU12103

    Austria. An Imperial Large “Viribus Unitis” (With United Forces) Medal  

  • Item: EU10602

    Turkey. An 1871 Photograph Featuring a Recipient of the Order of Medjidie  

  • Item: EU13146

    Austria. A War Cross for Civil Merit; Third Class, c.1917  

  • Item: EU13040

    Austria. A Patriotic Cross with Case, c.1915  

  • Item: EU14640

    Austria, Imperial. An Honour Decoration of the Red Cross, 2nd Class Cross with War Decoration, c.1916  

  • Item: EU14632

    Austria, Imperial. An Order of Franz Jospeh, Grand Cross Badge in Gold, c. 1870, by Vinc Mayer  

  • Item: EG1120i

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian Patriotic Badge  

  • Item: EG1099

    Austria, Imperial. A Tirolian 1796 Issue Silver Merit Medal; Small Version  

  • Item: EG1120d

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian Patriotic Badge, c.1917  

  • Item: EG1120s

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian “King and Country” Regimental Badge  

  • Item: EG1120n

    Austria, Imperial. A 1914-1917 Imperial Karl I Patriotic Badge  

  • Item: EG1084

    Austria, Imperial. An 1899 Royal Prussian Grenadier Regimental Medal  

  • Item: EG1120e

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian Patriotic Badge  

  • Item: EG1060

    Austria, Imperial. Two Long Service Medals  

  • Item: EG1082

    Austria, Imperial. A 100 Year Commemorative Tirol War of Independence Medal  

  • Item: EG1120z

    Austria, Imperial. A First War Period Patriotic Badge  

  • Item: EG1100

    Austria, Imperial. Two Medals and Awards  

  • Item: EG1011

    Austria, Imperial. Two Imperial War Merit & Bravery Medals by Kautsch  

  • Item: EG1081

    Austria, Imperial. An 1866 Commemorative Prague Medal  

  • Item: EG1057

    Austria, Imperial. Three Long Service Medals  

  • Item: EG1120g

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian Infantry Baon Regimental Badge, c.1917  

  • Item: EG1120r

    Austria, Imperial. A Regimental Badge of the 7th Mountain Artillery Regiment  

  • Item: EG1120u

    Austria, Imperial. A Regimental Badge of the 63rd Infantry Regiment  

  • Item: EG1120t

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian Empress Elizabeth Patriotic Badge  

  • Item: EG1120o

    Austria, Imperial. A Regimental Badge of the 50thrd Infantry Regiment  

  • Item: EG1085

    Austria, Imperial. A 1797 Issue Lower Austria (Tirol) Silver Military Merit Medal  

  • Item: EG1120j

    Austria, Imperial. A “Hermann Kövess von Kövessháza” Commemorative Badge  

  • Item: EG1120l

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian Regimental Badge  

  • Item: EG1004

    Austria, Imperial. An 1866-1914 Issue Austrian Silver Bravery Medal, Second Class, Fourth Award  

  • Item: EG1062

    Austria, Imperial. Two Imperial Long Service Medals  

  • Item: EG1056

    Austria, Imperial. A 25-Year Long Service Medal for the Home Guard  

  • Item: EG122

    Austria, First Republic. A Red Cross Silver Medal on Bow for Ladies, c.1923  

  • Item: EG1120p

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian Anti-Aircraft Detachment Badge  

  • Item: EG1120c

    Austria, Imperial. An First War Period Austro-Hungarian Patriotic Badge  

  • Item: EG1120f

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian Dragoons Regimental Badge  

  • Item: EG1120a

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian Carpathan Corps Regimental Badge  

  • Item: EG1120k

    Austria, Imperial A (1830-1916) Kaiser Franz Joseph Patriotic Pin  

  • Item: EG1120b

    Austria, Imperial. An Austro-Hungarian Pioneer Regimental Badge  

Total items found 38

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