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Austria (Imperial)

Total items found 25

  • Item: EU8990

    Austria, Empire. A Carinthia Bravery Cross, 2nd Class, c.1919  

  • Item: EU8993

    Austria, Empire. An Honour Medal for Forty Years' of Faithful Service  

  • Item: EU8987

    Austria, Empire. Seven Miniature Medals and Decorations  

  • Item: EU12400

    Austria, Empire. A Medal of Honour for Catholic Nuns in the Hospital Service 1915, Cased  

  • Item: EG1211

    Austria, Imperial. A Bravery Medal, Gold Grade, c.1918  

  • Item: EG1581

    Austria, First Republic. A Fatherland Front Cap Badge, c.1937  

  • Item: EG1214

    Austria, Imperial. A Silver Bravery Medal, First Class, Fourth Award, c.1916  

  • Item: EG1147

    Austria, Imperial. A Military Merit Cross, by V. Mayer, Dedicated, c.1907  

  • Item: EG1209

    Austria, Imperial. A Silver Military Merit Medal, Solid Silver, Third Award, c. 1917  

  • Item: EG1055

    Austria, Imperial. A 35-Year Long Military Service Cross for Officers, Second Class, c.1914  

  • Item: EG1587A

    Austria, First Republic. A Fatherland Front Fourth Class Badge, c.1937  

  • Item: EG1226

    Austria, Imperial. A Silver Bravery Medal, Second Class, c.1849  

  • Item: EG260

    Modena, Austrian Protectorate. An Order of the Eagle of Este, Knight Commander in Gold, c.1855  

  • Item: EG1228

    Austria, Imperial. Two Imperial Bravery Medals, c.1917  

  • Item: EG036

    Austria, Empire. A Red Cross Silver Honour Medal, c.1914  

  • Item: EG1122

    Austria, Empire. A Military Merit Cross, c.1850  

  • Item: EG1088

    Austria, Empire. A Lower Austria (Tirol) Silver Military Merit Medal, c.1797  

  • Item: EG065

    Austria, Imperial. An Order of the Knight’s of Malta Silver Merit Cross, c.1916  

  • Item: EG1179

    Austria, Empire. An Army Cannon Cross to Franz Mumb von Mühlheim, c.1814  

  • Item: EG1070

    Austria, Empire. A Small Silver Academy Medal for Military Surgeons, c.1789  

  • Item: EG1139

    Austria, Empire. A Merit Cross with Crown in Gold, by Vincent Mayer & Söhne, c.1890  

  • Item: EG1067

    Austria, Empire. A West-Galician Campaign Medal, c.1796  

  • Item: EG1050

    Austria, Empire. A Military Service Decoration I. Class for 25 Years of Service, c.1860  

  • Item: EG1142

    Austria, Empire. A Military Merit Cross, c.1856  

  • Item: EG993

    Austria, Empire. A First Class Silver Bravery Medal, Ferdinand I, c.1843  

Total items found 25

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