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eMedals-A Soldbuch & Luftwaffe ID document to Ernst Quint; Fighter Wing 2, 11th Squadron

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A Soldbuch & Luftwaffe ID document to Ernst Quint; Fighter Wing 2, 11th Squadron



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A Soldbuch & Luftwaffe ID document to Ernst Quint; Fighter Wing 2, 11th Squadron

A Soldbuch and Luftwaffe ID document to Ernst Quint, measuring 100x140mm, very fine condition, heavily scuffed, one double page has come loose. The document is dated to December 1, 1939.


Footnote: Ernst Quint was born on November 22, 1913 in Minden, western Germany. He was a metal worker, specialising in planes (Flugzeugschlosser). He joined the Luftwaffe in the rank of Flieger (soldier in the Luftwaffe), made Gefreiter (Lance Corporal) in 1940, Obergefreiter (Senior Lance Corporal) in 1942, Unteroffizier (NCO) in 1944, and Feldwebel (Sergeant) in 1945.


Quint served in many different units. A list of the decipherable ones follows:

3/Flg. Ausb. Rgt. 42 (Pilot Training Regiment)

Fliegerhostkompanie Görlitz (Airbase Company)

5. F.B.K. II. K.G. 26

Gen. Zug. Flg. Ausb. Rgt. 32

Flg. Ausb. Rgt. 61 (Pilot Training Regiment)

Fl. Ausb. Batl./Rgt. 32 (Pilot Training Battalion/Regiment)

1./Fl. Ers. Batl. XI (Pilot Reserve Battalion)

Flg. Horst Kp. Lübeck (Airbase Company)

Feldwerftverband (mot.) 50

L. Feldwerftabteilung (mot. trop) II/20

Le. Feldwerftabteilung (mot) II/40

Feldwerft-Ersatzabteilung, Eschwege

III./Ers. J.G. 2, 11. Staffel (Reserve Fighter Wing 2, 11th Squadron)

Flg. Ers. Batl. VII, Nagold (Pilot Reserve Battalion)


Quint also saw a large number of military hospitals due to several conditions:

Early 1940: Hamburg. Ulzus duodeni (duodenal ulcer)

Mid 1940: Görlitz. Leichte Gastritis (mild gastritis)

Late 1941: Bernburg. Gastritis

Late 1941: Dessau. Zwölffingerdarm-Geschwür (duodenal ulcer)

Late 1941: Wolmirstedt/Köthen/Bad Oeynhausen. Skabies (scabies)

Early 1943: unknown location. Magendarmkatarrh (gastroenteritis)

Mid 1944: Toul. Mandelentzündung (tonsillitis)

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