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eMedals-A Leader ID Card League of German Girls (BDM)

Item: G27878

A Leader ID Card League of German Girls (BDM)

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A Leader ID Card League of German Girls (BDM)

Measures 7.3 x 11.8 / 21.9 x 11.8 cm; Date of item: 1944; Condition: good, signs of aging. A “Führerausweis” (leader ID card) of the Bund Deutscher Mädel (League of German Girls) in the Hitler-Jugend (Hitler Youth). It states that … Jung (first name indecipherable), born Jan 6th, 1931 in … (indecipherable) has been made Jungmädel-Schaftsführerin on Jan 30th, 1944. The army equivalent of this rank would be sergeant. A picture is included. The card is signed in Mannheim, south west Germany, by her Hauptmädelführerin (rank equivalent of Major General). The ID card contains more pages for the purpose of filling in any further promotions and deployment information, which has all been left blank. The League of German Girls was the girls’ wing of the Hitler Youth, the Nazi Party youth movement.
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