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eMedals- A Full Length Torpedoboat Leopard Cap Tally

Item: G28577

A Full Length Torpedoboat Leopard Cap Tally

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A Full Length Torpedoboat Leopard Cap Tally

This is a well preserved Torpedoboot Leopard Mützenband/capt ally; constructed of golden embroidery on a black rayon backer; measuring 1455 mm x 34 mm; lightly soiled from use but overall better than fine condition.


Footnote: The Leopard was a torpedo-boat of the Imperial Navy and the Kriegsmarine, and was launched during the Spanish Civil War On August 15, 1929. During the Second War, the ship was stationed in the North Sea, and tasked with escort and patrol duties. On April 29, 1940, Leopard suffered a rudder failure and collided with the Minesweeper ship Prussia/Preußen at 12:38 AM, resulting in the Leopard sinking at 1:55 AM.


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