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eMedals-Early Croatian Dagger 1941

Item: EU3190

Early Croatian Dagger 1941

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Early Croatian Dagger 1941

Early Croatian Dagger 1941 - Here we have Royal Yugoslav Army Dagger, “converted” into Croatian dagger in the second half of 1941. Dagger is unmarked, but undoubtedly German made circa 1930’s. Solid brass fittings, pommel nicely detailed, with plain crossguard. Grip is dark brown colored, with twisted gilded wire, no imperfections. Blade has Royal Yugoslav crest on one side, plain on another, in nickel plated steel, in very fine condition. Scabbard is straight, dark brown lacquered, with brass fittings; upper section has Croatian Coat of Arms soldered onto it, privately done (before introduction of Croatian daggers in 1942). In overall very fine ++ condition, unusual and rare. (CR4080)
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