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eMedals-Documents to Oberstleutnant Graf Einsiedel

Item: G8276

Documents to Oberstleutnant Graf Einsiedel

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Documents to Oberstleutnant Graf Einsiedel

Documents to Oberstleutnant Graf Einsiedel - Lot of Documents, Oberstleutnant Herbert Graf Einsiedel: commission documents, Fahnrich (in 1905), and Leutnant (in 1906); award document for: Anhalt, Friedrich Cross 2nd class (in 1916); Iron Cross 2nd class 1914, (in 1916); Hamburg, War Cross 1914 (in 1918); Iron Cross 1st Class (on 14.November 1918); War Commemorative Medal (in 1922); Hindenburg Cross w Swords (in 1935); Long Service Medal 4th class, as member of Headquarters of 1st Panzer Division, in 1936; Long Service Medal 3d class 9in 1938); War Merit Cross 2nd class with Swords (1. September 1942); War Merit Cross1st class with Swords (20.4.1944); three miscellaneous documents/passes; ten original photographs, pre WWI and WWI period; documents showing age and wear, in fair to fine condition.
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