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eMedals-Documents of Brothers in the Luftwaffe; Hans-Ulrich and Heinz-Günther (KIA) von Zabiensky

Item: G33415

Documents of Brothers in the Luftwaffe; Hans-Ulrich and Heinz-Günther (KIA) von Zabiensky



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Documents of Brothers in the Luftwaffe; Hans-Ulrich and Heinz-Günther (KIA) von Zabiensky

The estate consists of several documents, some military, and three photos:


Heinz-Günther’s obituary (150x190mm, extremely fine). A transcript of Heinz-Günther’s will, addressed to Hans-Ulrich. It is dated to May 14, 1943 and states that in the case of his death Heinz-Günther leaves his possessions to his wife Else and his children Klaus-Dieter and Dorothea Marianne. His spare uniform, however, goes to his brother, Hans-Ulrich.

A note in honour of the birth of Heinz-Günther’s second child, Dorothea Marianne (148x104mm, better than very fine), dated to January 14, 1943.

Three photos (48x84mm to 68x98mm, extremely fine), one showing Heinz-Günther in his Luftwaffe uniform in the rank of NCO; one showing Heinz-Günther and his wife on their wedding day; one showing Heinz-Günther’s wife.


A promotion certificate to Hans-Ulrich (209x297mm, better than very fine), stating that Unteroffizier (NCO) Hans von Zabiensky of the Pilot Equipment Issue and Collection Point 4/III (Banak) in northern Norway has been promoted to Feldwebel (Sergeant). The document is dated to March 30, 1943 and signed in blue ink by a Major and Leader of said institution, the name is indecipherable.

The first page of the “beer newspaper” of airbase institution 4/III in Banak, northern Norway (205x295mm, fine), dated to Christmas 1942. On the reverse is a poem promising a merry Christmas, alcoholic beverages, and “some quality time”.

A certificate for passing the exam to become a chemist’s assistant (209x297mm, near extremely fine) to Hans-Ulrich, dated to March 20, 1937.

A chemist certificate (4 p., 210x297mm, extremely fine), stating that Hans-Ulrich passed the exam to become a certified chemist on March 12, 1937.

A confirmation certificate to Hans-Ulrich (208x321mm, very fine), dated to March 18, 1934.

A vaccination certificate for Hans-Ulrich (170x203mm, very fine), dated to June 18, 1919, two days after his first birthday.


A postal savings book (103x146mm, very fine) to Heinz-Günther’s wife, dated to Hamburg on October 29, 1946. Her occupation is given as “widow”. With accompanying letter (209x147mm, very fine), dated to November 5, 1946.

Footnote: Very little is known about the lives of both Heinz-Günther and Hans-Ulrich von Zabiensky. Both served in the Luftwaffe. Hans-Ulrich (born June 16, 1918 in Usedom, north-east Germany) is known to have been stationed in northern Norway. It is unknown in which capacity he served. He held the rank of Feldwebel (Sergeant) and may have received additional promotions. His brother, Heinz-Günther, was a pilot in a long-distance reconnaissance unit. He received the Honour Goblet of the Luftwaffe on August 3, 1942. The last unit he flew for was the 3rd Squadron of Reconnaissance Group 122, stationed at the Western Front at the time. Heinz-Günther, holding the rank of Oberfeldwebel (Master Sergeant), survived a crash uninjured on June 12, 1943 after being shot down by RAF pilot and squadron leader J.N. Howard-Williams. Three days later he took part in his squadron’s 2,000th combat mission. However, his luck ran out on August 20, 1943. His plane took off from Creil (northern France) for a flight to Schiphol (Amsterdam, Netherlands), but just after taking off the plane developed technical issues and crashed, killing Heinz-Günther. Among the decorations he had received were both Classes of the Iron Cross, the Front Flying Clasp in Gold, and the Crimean Shield. (C:192)

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