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eMedals-Deutsche Reichsbahn Railway Official's Cap

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Deutsche Reichsbahn Railway Official's Cap

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Deutsche Reichsbahn Railway Official's Cap

This fine quality cap has three rows of hot pink piping, with the body of the cap fabricated from a dark blue wool, featuring the classic high peak and rounded saddle-shaped sides. It has a black velour band around its circumference, which supports a three-piece constructed aluminum cockade on the front. The cockade has a painted black base incorporating a silvered ring and red felt centre, surrounded by a large aluminum, winged-wheel German National Railways (Deutsche Reichsbahn) insignia, plus an aluminum GNR (DR) cap eagle insignia above, with both insignia featuring very intricate detail. The visor is black vulcanfibre with a buckled patent leather strap above, held in position via black buttons on either side, with two ventilation eyelets above each button on the navy blue of the cap. The underside of the visor is synthetic, crosshatched and finished in dark brown. The headband is a very supple leather, with a thin strip of wool sewn on the edge, ensuring a snug fit against the head. The underside of the headband is supported by a stitched hard leather band and a cork strip at the front, the cork protecting the wearer's head from the prongs of the Railway insignia behind. The dome itself has a leather liner, with a clear moisture shield stamped with the "Alleero" maker emblem and the notation "Wetterfest Gepolstertes Schweinsleder D.R.G.M." (Weatherproof Padded Pigskin. with the DRGM Patent Registration) below. The shield has a sleeve for owner identification but is unnamed and is without a size designation. A handwritten capital "H" is inscribed to the right of the shield on the dome, in black ink. Overall, it measures 240 mm x 250 mm x 150 mm in height. The cap has minor contact marks on the vulcanfibre visor, with the thin brown strip along the edge of the headband and headband itself displaying minor discolouration and wear, plus the protective cork strip on the underside having experienced partial separation at one end. This previously worn cap continues to exhibit smooth quality in the wool, plus quality workmanship, very clean and free of staining on the exterior, maintaining its original period look, in extremely fine condition.
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