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  • Commander A.E. Conn, Submariner of German U-96
  • Commander A.E. Conn, Submariner of German U-96

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Commander A.E. Conn, Submariner of German U-96


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Commander A.E. Conn, Submariner of German U-96

1914-15 Star (MTE. A.E. CONN, R.N); British War and Victory Medal (LIEUT. A.E. CONN. R.N.); and War Medal 1939-45. Three WWI medals are officially impressed. Board mounted, near extremely fine condition. Also included is a duotang folder with his military biography, copy of his Service Record and twelve ship photographs. Footnote: Arthur Edward Conn was born on August 3, 1885. The date on which he joined the Royal Navy in not yet established but on August 1, 1914, he was promoted to Acting Gunner (T). He volunteered for submarine duty and joined H.M.S. Arrogant on April 20, 1915, which was the Depot Ship for the 4th Submarine Flotilla. On August 1, 1915, he had achieved the rank of Mate. By February 1916, he was appointed to the Submarine Depot Ship, H.M.S. Dolphin at Gosport, for service on B 5 as a First Lieutenant. On July 1, 1916, he shifted to H.M.S. Titania, the Submarine Depot Ship for the 9th Submarine Flotilla at Blyth for J 4 as a Third Hand, serving under Captain Martin Naismith V.C.. By April 1, 1918, he had achieved the rank of Lieutenant and later that October, he was placed in command of H.M.S. C 25, attached to H.M.S. Maidstone, also with the 9th Submarine Flotilla. With the signing of the Armistice in November 1918, and attached to H.M.S. Dolphin, he was put in command of one of the surrendered German submarines, UB 96, to evaluate the German U-Boats. When Great Britain intervened in the Russian Revolution in 1919, several flotillas of submarines were sent to the Baltic. Conn was appointed to command H.M.S. E 44 with the 7th Submarine Flotilla, attached to H.M.S. Lucia. In 1920, he spent some time in Haslar Hospital at Gosport but it is not known why, and later went on a course in torpedoes at the Royal Naval College at Greenwich. Upon completion of the course, he was recommended for further Submarine Command but no Submarine appointment was available, with the post-war reduction of ships, he reverted to General Service. His next posting was to H.M.S. Agamennon, a Battleship, in April 1923, where he was the ship's torpedo officer. He performed the same type of duties with the Cruiser H.M.S. Champion in October 1925. By now, he had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander. His final ship was H.M.S. Sceptre, a Torpedo Boat Destroyer, in 1926, just before it was scrapped. He was retired on February 25, 1927, now a Commander. At the outbreak of the Second World War, on August 28, 1939, as Commander, he was recalled out of retirement and posted to H.M.S. Africander, the naval base at Cape Town, South Africa. Here in worked in Naval Intelligence. Once the war was over in 1945, he reverted to the Retired List. (BGR233)
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