Collection: Prestige & Distinction- Auction I: German Imperial Orders- Decorations & Awards

eMedals is pleased to introduce the first of an ongoing series of premium auction events. The Prestige & Distinction Series will showcase collections that have been formed and curated to highlight the best of a particular genre, time period, or notable theme. Quality, rarity, and historical significance are to be centre stage for each event. For the first in our new series, the team of specialists at eMedals present an elegantly tailored collection of German Imperial orders, decorations and military accoutrements. Selected for their strong individual attributes as well as their significance to the evolution of Germany, auction highlights include choice awards from both the 18th and 19th centuries. With seldomly offered mid 18th century examples, the first of our Prestige Series spotlights a wide breadth of German political and cultural history. Also featuring Imperial headgear, Napoleonic armour, and scarce medals of distinction, our first auction of the series aims to present the finest of early German military and chivalric examples.  

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