Austria, Empire. An Honour Decoration of the Red Cross, II Class with War Decoration

Item #EU16983

(Ehrenzeichen vom Roten Kreuz). Instituted in 1914. In silver with red, white and green enamels, the integral suspension maker marked "G.A.S." (G.A. Scheid) and marked with a Diana's head (Dianakopf) hallmark, which was used between 1872 and 1922, with "2" to the left of the head and assay city marked "A" (Vienna) to the right of the head, marked with an "A" (Vienna) on the loop, measuring 36.8 mm (w) x 48.5 mm (h) inclusive of its integral suspension, obverse centrepiece is rotated 100 degrees counterclockwise, missing its reverse centrepiece, chipping evident in some red enamelled berries on the wreath, original triangular ribbon with hook and eye, fair. In its hardshelled case of issue, lid marked "Patriae ac Humanitati 1864-1914 K. D." in silver-coloured ink, inside lid maker marked "G.A. SCHEID WIEN, BUDAPEST", lightly soiled white felt recessed medal bed, soiling evident on the lid, scuffing on the bottom, case fine.