Bavaria, Kingdom. An Order of Military Merit, Grand Cross Star with Swords (Collectors Copy)

Item #M0333-17

(Militärverdiestorden, Bruststern zum Großkreuz mit Schwertern). Instituted on 19 July 1866 by King Ludwig II. Post-1945 Copy. An eight pointed multi-rayed silver star, with a set of crossed swords attached at the 12 o’clock position, attached to the obverse is a silver gilt Maltese cross with blue enamelled arms, along with a central black enamelled medallion bearing the silver crowned cipher of King Ludwig III, surrounded by a broad white enamelled ring in the form of a buckled belt, inscribed MERENTI (Latin - Merit), the reverse plain, with nine rivets, a vertical pinback (marked SILBER), measuring 91.57 mm (w) x 91.47 mm (h), weighing 117.8 grams, and in very fine condition.