Russia, Imperial. An Order of Saint Anna in Gold, Grand Cross, by Eduard, c.1910

Item #EU16176

(Орден Святой Анны). Instituted 14 February 1735 by Karl Friedrich, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp. (1906-1917 issue). An excellent example of the Order of Saint Anna, the former constructed of Gold consisting of a Cross Pattée with red enameled arms, with finely detailed gilt adornments joining the quadrants of each arm, the obverse with a central enameled medallion depicting a painted image of Saint Anna, the reverse with a white enameled medallion depicting stylized Latin script initials “A.I.P.F.” for “Anna Imperatoris Petri Filia” (“Anna, Emperor Peter’s Daughter”), on loop with ring suspension, the loop with Gold zolotnik mark of “56”, measuring 52.20 mm (w) x 57.84 mm (h), weighing 27.0 grams, minor flecking over enamels but otherwise in extremely fine condition, with its period original sash, constructed of red and yellow woven ribbon with a snap button closure, measuring 1460 mm in length. Accompanied by the star of the order, in silver consisting of an eight-pointed radiant star with ribbing, obverse with a central applique in the form of a red enameled Geneva Cross surrounded by a silver ring, in turn ringed by red enamel with a raised silver order moto of of “AMAN. JUST. PIET. FID” (“TO THOSE WHO LOVE JUSTICE, PIETY, AND FIDELITY”), topped by silver cherubs jointly wielding an imperial crown, the reverse with a barrel hinge and tapering vertical pinback meeting a flat wire catch, maker marked on reverse “Эдуард” (“Eduard”) for the firm of Eduard Ferdinanovich Dietwald, with a kokoshnik number of “84” and the symbol of the city of St. Petersburg, with additional Cyrillic initials “ВА” for silversmith В.А. Аинаков (V.A. Aynakov), measuring 94.30 mm (w) x 91.68 mm (h), weighing 74.0 grams, minor flecking of enamels, otherwise in extremely fine condition; accompanied by the set’s period original case of issue, constructed of wood with a faux red leather exterior, the obverse lid with a gold embossed Romanov imperial eagle and Cyrillic inscription of “СВ. АННЫ 1 СТЕПЕНИ” (“ST. ANNA FIRST CLASS”), the interior with a padded white satin-type lid liner, removable depressed white cloth-lined medal bed, closing with two functional bronze snap buttons, measuring 185 mm (w) x 125 mm (l) x 45 mm (h), extremely fine.