United Kingdom. An "Overlord" CBE & Document Group to Brigadier Harry Hamilton Dempsey

Item #GB6733

Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Commander of the Military Division (CBE) (in silver gilt with light blue and red enamels, measuring 63.8 mm (w) x 81 mm (h), on its original full-length neck ribbon, intact enamels, in its hardshelled case of issue, marked "C.B.E. MILy" on the lid, maker marked "GARRARD & Co. Ltd. LONDON, W.1." on the inside lid, lightly soiled recessed medal bed, with "Instructions as to wearing Insignia" card; Group of Six: 1914 Star (2. LIEUT: H.H. DEMPSEY. A.S.C.); British War Medal (CAPT. H.H. DEMPSEY.); Victory Medal (CAPT. H.H. DEMPSEY.); 1939-1945 Star (BRIG. H.H. DEMPSEY); Defence Medal (BRIG. H.H. DEMPSEY); and War Medal 1939-1945 (BRIG. H.H. DEMPSEY). Naming is officially impressed on the First War Trio and privately engraved on the Second War Trio. Mounted to a suspension with swing bar pinback, as worn by the veteran, the First War Trio with replacement ribbons and lacquered, the Second War Trio with original ribbons; Miniature Group of Seven: Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Commander of the Military Division (CBE) (in silver gilt with light blue and red enamels, measuring 22.5 mm (w) x 28.5 mm (h)); 1914 Star (in bronze, measuring 19 mm (w) x 23 mm (h)); British War Medal (in silver, measuring 18 mm in diameter); Victory Medal (in bronze, measuring 18 mm in diameter); 1939-1945 Star (in bronze, measuring 19 mm (w) x 22 mm (h)); Defence Medal (in silver, measuring 18 mm in diameter); and War Medal 1939-1945 (in silver, measuring 18.5 mm in diameter). Mounted to a suspension with swing bar pinback, as worn by the veteran, original ribbons. Extremely fine. Accompanied by his 2nd Lieutenant Commission Document (embossed with the Royal coat-of-arms with printed signature of King George V at the upper left, inscribed: "George, by the Grace of God, of The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas. King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India, Vc. / To Our Trusty and well beloved Harry Hamilton Dempsey, Greetings. We, reposing special Trust and Confidence in you Loyalty, Courage, and good Conduct, do by these Presents Constitute and Appoint you to be an Officer in Our Land Forces from the Eighth day of August 1914.
You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge your Duty as such in the Rank of 2nd Lieutenant or in such higher Rank as We may from time to time hereafter be pleased to promote or appoint you to, of which a notification will be made in the London Gazette, and you are at all times to exercise and well discipline in Arms, both the inferior Officers and Men serving under you and use your best endeavours to keep them in good Order and Discipline. And We do hereby Command them to Obey you as their superior Officer, and you to observe and follow such Orders and Directions as from time to time you shall receive from Us, or any your superior Officer, according to the Rules and Discipline of War, in pursuance of the Trust hereby reposed in you. Given at Our Court, at Saint James's, the First day of August 1914 in the Fifth Year of Our Reign. By His Majesty's Command.", with two signatures in black ink, with the handwritten inscription in black ink "Harry Hamilton Dempsey. / 2nd Lieutenant / Land Forces." at the lower left, printed in black with the handwritten entries in black ink, on a white paper stock, measuring 404 mm (w) x 305 mm (h), lightly soiled); two British Expeditionary Force Officer's Identity Cards (both named to Lt. Colonel Dempsey and dated June 14, 1940, numbered "32612" and "32900", the former stamped "DEPUTY ASSISTANT PROVOST MARSHAL, 52nd LOWLAND DIVISION", printed in red and black inks on a green card paper stock, measuring 81 mm (w) x 116 mm (h) each); an Officer's Record of Services - Army Book 439 (named in black ink to "DEMPSEY / HARRY HAMILTON" on page 2, with a few handwritten entries dated 1915 to 1919, dark blue moisture-resistant fold-over cover, containing 16 pages printed in black ink, snap closure, measuring 110 mm (w) x 140 mm (h)); an Officer's Record of Service - Army Book 439 (named in black ink to "DEMPSEY / Harry Hamilton" on page 3, with a few handwritten entries dated 1945 to 1947, light blue moisture-resistant fold-over cover, containing 20 pages printed in black ink, measuring 115 mm (w) x 138 mm (h)); an Army Orders Booklet - June 1925 (initialed in black ink "HHD" on the cover, containing 64 pages printed in black ink on a white paper stock, dual-staple bound, measuring 120 mm (w) x 183 mm (h)); an Army Orders Booklet - December 1930 (named in pencil to "Captain Dempsey" on the cover, containing 20 pages printed in black ink on a white paper stock, dual-staple bound, measuring 120 mm (w) x 180 mm (h)); a Personally Assembled "History of the Royal Army Service Corps" (containing three booklets: two entitled "The Supplies and Transport of the Army, dated January 1923, and the other entitled "The Army Service Corps Quarterly", dated April 1922; the booklets sharing a brown kraft paper cover and triple pin bound, measuring 153 mm (w) x 245 mm (h)); a Table "A." Scoring Book for Recruits' Course of Musketry and Judging Distance (Regular Force) (named on the cover in pencil to "H.H. DEMPSEY", inscribed in pencil "R.A.S.C. / Capt. H.H. Dempsey / MKIII 18327" on the first page, printed by Gale and Polden, Ltd., Wellington Works, Aldershot, gray paper cover, containing 64 pages printed in black ink on a white paper stock, dual-staple bound, measuring 105 mm (w) x 133 mm (h)); a Rules and Regulations of the Army and Navy Club Manual (printed by Waterlow & Sons Limited, London and Dunstable, dated 1939, deep red moisture-resistant cover, containing 116 pages printed in black ink on a white paper stock, perfect-bound, measuring 103 mm (w) x 150 mm (h)); a Presentation of Colours by His Majesty King George V to The Cadet Battalion, Royal Military College, Sandhurst Booklet (dated May 10, 1913, with various photos, the cover printed in gold-coloured ink on a pressed off-white paper stock, containing 28 pages printed in black in on a semi-gloss paper stock, with a colour insert illustrating two Royal Military College crossed flags pasted in place on page 2, saddle-stitched, measuring 253 mm (w) x 188 mm (h)); two Ministry of Food Ration Books (named on the cover to "Harry H Dempsey" in blue ink, serial no.'s BA 012044 and BA 012045, with various stamps and inserts, dual-staple bound, measuring 107 mm (w) x 126 mm (h)); two Large Mailing Envelopes (marked "R.M.C. Record." and addressed to "H.H. Dempsey Esq / c/o F.C. Marsh Esq / Longmoor Camp / Liss / Hants", postmarked Aldershot, one with a three pence stamp, the other with a four pence stamp, measuring 280 mm (w) x 225 mm (h) each); Hong Kong Club Dinner for Colonel J.H. Morris, D.S.O., O.B.E. on the occasion of his departure from the Colony Menu Card (dated January 2, 1937, printed the signatures of ten people, including Dempsey, on the inside cover, printed in blue ink on a white card stock, measuring 101 mm (w) x 152 mm (h)); an Outspan Hotel in Nyeri, Kenya Information Sheet (printed in black ink on a thin white paper stock, measuring 205 mm (w) x 335 mm (h), fold marks); a New Stanley Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya Information Card (printed in black ink on a white card stock, measuring 85 mm (w) x 133 mm (h)); twenty-four First World War German and French Banknotes (in various denominations, sizes and conditions); along with various papers, letters, notes and correspondence.
Footnote: Harry Hamilton Dempsey was born on November 20, 1895. He was acknowledged as one of the Gentleman Cadets from the Royal Military Academy and Royal Military College promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Service Corps, effective August 8, 1914, the announcement appearing in the London Gazette 28864 of Friday, August 7, 1914, page 6206. He was posted to the Army Service Corps Depot at Woolwich with No. 8 Company, on August 14thTwo weeks later, 2nd Lieutenant Dempsey was part of the British Expeditionary Force to enter the French theatre on August 29, 1914. He was posted to the 1st Auxiliary Horse Transport Company from October 1914 to September 1915 and during this time, assumed the rank of Temporary Lieutenant from from May 1 to June 8, 1915, at which point he was promoted to Lieutenant on June 9th. He was posted to No. 1 Base Motor Transport Depot at Rouen in September 1915. This was soon followed by his posting to the 3rd Army Auxiliary (Horse) Company, from September 16, 1915 to August 27, 1916. It was during this time that he assumed the rank of Temporary Captain, from November 17, 1915 to August 27, 1916. This was followed by his transfer to the Army Service Corps Base Depot (Horse Transport & Supply), from August 27 to October 7, 1916. He was posted to No. 2 Company, 7th Division Train for six months, from October 7, 1916 to April 5, 1917 and during the latter part of this time, he was wounded in action on March 24, 1917. He was then posted to the No. 1 Base Motor Transport Depot at Rouen for almost the next fifteen months, from April 5, 1917 to June 28, 1918. It was during this period that he assumed the rank of Acting Captain from April 30 to November 28, 1917, which was followed by his promotion to Captain on November 29th. He was named Captain and Adjutant, Commanding the 1st Base Motor Transport. Dempsey took a two month Motor Transport Course at Central Motor Transport School of Instruction at Wissant, France, from June 28 to August 29, 1918.
He was transferred to the 2nd Division Motor Transport Company for one year stint, from August 29, 1918 to August 19, 1919, followed by three months with the 6th Corps Tprs., Motor Transport Company, from August 20 to November 19, 1919. During this period, he was part of the British Army of the Rhine during the occupation of the Rhineland, from December 1918 to December 1919 and was named Acting Major from August 20 to November 22, 1919. Dempsey was admitted to No. 6 General Hospital at Rouen for ten days, from December 3 to 13, 1919, the nature of his illness not stated. He returned to England on January 2, 1920 and was posted to Sling Camp at Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. For his First World War service, he was awarded the 1914 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. Dempsey also served during the Second World War as a Deputy Assistant Provost Marshal with the 52nd (Lowland) Division. Colonel (Temporary Brigadier) Harry Hamilton Dempsey (8387), late of the Royal Army Service Corps was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Commander of the Military Division, as part of the King's New Year Honours, the announcement appearing in the Supplement to the London Gazette 36866 of Friday, December 29, 1944, on Monday, January 1, 1945, page 10. For his Second World War service, he was awarded the 1939-1945 Star, the Defence Medal and the War Medal 1939-1945. Harry Hamilton Dempsey died on January 26, 1973, at the age of 77 and is buried in Seaford Cemetery, Seaford, Lewes District, East Sussex, England. His wife, Stella Muriel Dempsey (born April 28, 1889), died nine years after her husband, on March 3, 1982, at the age of 92 and is buried with him.