Germany, SS. A Waffen-SS Infantry Obersturmführer’s Dress Tunic

Item #G38333


(SS Obersturmführer Waffenrock). This is an extremely well-preserved Waffen-SS Obersturmführer’s dress tunic, constructed of a smooth field-grey wool exterior with a complete olive-green rayon interior liner. The collar, constructed of forest green wool, is flanked on each side by insignia tabs. Each constructed of black wool with twisted and rolled silver aluminum wire trimming, the right tab bears the double sig runes of the SS in machine-embroidered silver wire, while the left tab bears three silvered bronze rank pips with a single band of silver aluminum wire defaced by a line of black threading. Each tab measures 40 mm (w) x 55 mm (l). The shoulders are flanked by boards constructed of a reinforced black wool base, trimmed with white Waffenfarbe piping, with four rows of silver aluminum bullion wire twisted around a grey pebbled zink button. Each board also bears a single gilded bronze rank pip, and measures 34 mm (w) x 103 mm (l). Both the collar tabs and shoulder boards reflect a rank of Obersturmführer. Stitched into the upper left arm is an insignia in the form of a SS-style German national eagle clutching a wreathed mobile swastika, constructed of twisted and rolled machine-embroidered silver aluminum wire, measuring 95 mm (w) x 45 mm (h). The cuff of each sleeve is rolled up to a depth of 150 mm and securely held in place by two pieces of machine stitching. The tunic has four breast pockets, with two on each side, closed by stylized horizontal flaps with reinforced buttonholes meeting a pebbled, silvered zink button. Each button is stamped on the reverse with “vH03”. The tunic is closed with six pebbled, silvered zink buttons on the right flap meeting an equal number of reinforced buttonholes on the left. The olive-green rayon interior liner transitions into a pinstripe design through the arm, while a dagger hanger, complete with a functional magnetic metal spring catch and buckle, is stitched into the left armpit. The interior of the collar bears three magnetic metal butterfly-style clips, along with two magnetic metal hooks on the right meeting an equal number of eyelets of identical composition on the left. The tunic is unmarked and measures approximately 458 mm across the shoulders, with an arm length of 651 mm and an overall body length of 678 mm. The tunic presents free of evident faults and is in a near mint condition.

Footnote: From the prominent SS Collection of Mr.Robert Kondor.