Germany, Luftwaffe. A Marksmanship Lanyard

Item #G37798

(Luftwaffen-Schützenschnur). Constructed of thick, twisted, interwoven alternating bright silver bullion and bluish-gray embroidery, braided, head of the lanyard with a 40 mm (w) x 49 mm (h) silvered zink badge displaying the Luftwaffe eagle, its talons gripping a swastika, the eagle framed by a wreath of oak leaves, large silver bullion adjustment knots at either end of the braiding, with a smaller silver bullion knot on the suspension loop, Luftwaffe bluish-gray wool backer, measuring 415 mm in length, the lower adjustment knot missing its bullion “monkey knot” embroidery and showing signs of having previously loosened, in overall near extremely fine condition.