Canada. A British War Medal to McGill COTC Lieutenant Heeney; Canadian Engineers

Item #C4935


Canada; (LIEUT. T.J.C. HENNEY.). Naming is officially impressed. Original ribbon, very light contact, extremely fine.
Footnote: Terrance James Clifford Heeney was born on January 17, 1894 in London, Ontario. He was a resident of St. Johns, Quebec when he signed his Officers' Declaration Paper as a Lieutenant with the Canadian Engineers, on May 3, 1918 in St. Johns, at the age of 24, naming his next-of-kin as his father, Terrance Heeney of London, stating that he had three years' service with the Canadian Officer Training Corps at McGill University in Montreal, that his occupation was that of Student and that his religion was Presbyterian. Lieutenant Heeney embarked for overseas service from Montreal, Quebec on June 29, 1918 and was taken on strength upon arrival from Canada at Seaford, where he was retained in the Overseas Military Forces of Canada with the Canadian Engineers, on July 11, 1918. After six months in England and the subsequent ceasing of hostilities, he was placed on command at Khaki College on December 5, 1918. Khaki College (later Khaki University) was a Canadian educational institution set up and managed by the general staff of the Canadian Army in Britain from 1917-1919 during the First World War. The goals were to provide morale during the war and for demobilized personnel, and to provide personnel an opportunity to continue their education in postwar preparation. Eleven days later, Lieutenant Heeney was taken on strength from the 2nd Canadian Engineers Reserve Battalion to the 1st Canadian Engineers Reserve Battalion at Seaford, on December 16, 1918. Later that month, he was admitted to No. 13 Canadian General Hospital at Hastings, Sussex, on December 23, 1918, diagnosed with "I.C.T." (inflammation of the connecting tissue) in his right ankle and after two weeks treatment, he was discharged "Fit for Duty" on January 7, 1919. He was struck off strength to the Canadian Engineers Reserve Battalion on January 29th, then posted to the Canadian Engineers Training Depot on April 18th. He was then attached to Military District No. 5 Wing Rhyl at Kinmel Park, on May 12th and ceased to be attached on proceeding to "J" Wing at Witley, on transfer to the Canadian Engineers Regimental Depot, on May 28th, arriving on the 30th. He was struck off strength pending return to Canada on August 15th and was struck off strength of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Canada on August 21st. Lieutenant Heeneyembarked Liverpool, England on August 22, 1919 aboard the S.S. Bohemian, arriving in Boston, Massachusetts on September 2nd. He was struck off strength upon demobilization on September 3, 1918, at Military Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, credited with having served in Canada and England with the Canadian Engineers, the Canadian Engineers Training Depot, the 2nd Canadian Engineers Reserve Battalion, the 1st Canadian Engineers Reserve Battalion, the Canadian Engineers Regimental Depot, as well as being detached to Khaki College at Witley.