An Early War Luftwaffe Flak Badge by Juncker in its Case of Issue

Item #G32986

A textbook example of an early war Luftwaffe “Flak Abzeichen”; an oval nickel-silver wreath, consisting of an oak leaf wreath, with a ribbon on the bottom, and a Luftwaffe eagle on the top of the badge, clutching a swastika, and a Flak 88 facing towards the top right, with the barrel extending paste the badge; vertical needle style pin, with a barrel hinge, and a round wire catch; maker marked “Juncker” on the reverse; measuring 61 mm x 43 mm; in mint condition. Accompanied by its case of issue; constructed of heavy pressed paper, with a faux leather (leatherette) exterior; embossed with “Flakkampfabzeichen” in golden gothic lettering on the outside of the lid; lined interior lid; slotted metal bed; functional spring catch with stud release; intact interior fabric hinge cover; functional exterior metal hinge; measuring 81 mm x 76 mm; overall near mint/mint condition.