A Yugoslav Artillery Officer’s Visor Insignia; "British" Cap Version

Item #EU14075


Yugoslavia (Kingdom). Officer’s Insignia Cap Badge for Artillery (Model 1939), Cloth Version for the "British" Cap, Introduced in 1939; Silver and gold-coloured bullion wire, in various textures, cypher of Peter II on the two-headed eagle's chest, the eagles surmounted by a crown and surrounded by an open-ended wreath composed of laurel leaves on the left and oak leaves on the right, touches of gray embroidery representing the mouths on the eagles, along with red embroidery in the crown and in the eyes on the eagles, on a black wool base, padded, black cotton backer, 53.5 mm x 58.5 mm, edge wear evident, near extremely fine. Embroidered version is scarce. Footnote: This cap badge was frequently worn by the Serbian/Royalist Chetniks between 1941 and 1945.