A 1937 NSKK Motor Standarte 78 7th Reconnaissance Cruise Table Medal; Marked

Item #G31163

A 1937 NSKK National Socialist Motor Corps/Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps Motor Standarte 78 7. Orientierungsfahrt participation table medal; in cast silvered bronze with fine details; the obverse depicting a SA member on his motorcycle (Numbered 220), with an additional SA member in a convertible wagon (marked 352), with the drivers of the two vehicles leaning together to inspect a map, with “7. Orientierungsfahrt 1937 der Motor Standarte 78” inscribed directly above them, with the standard NSKK logo; the reverse plain, maker marked “C. Bamberger, Nürnberg” on the reverse; measuring 75 mm in diameter; extremely fine condition.