A Croatian/German/Italian Award Document for Bravery Medal to a Dauntless Daredevil

Item #G30406


An award certificate, measuring 210x171mm, near mint condition. The recipient is August Ortner, a Senior Lance Corporal and Group Leader in the 7th Company of the Reserve Grenadier Battalion II/462, stationed in Agram (Zagreb) in Croatia, and since 1943 in Horn, Austria. The document is dated to November 17, 1943 and signed in pencil, the signature is indecipherable. It is trilingual, in Croatian, German, and Italian. Ortner is awarded the Bronze Bravery Medal for his role as group leader during the attacks of February 4 and 5, during which he acted as a “dauntless daredevil”. He served as the leader of a reconnaissance troop.