An Historic Argentinian 3-Day Leave POW Pass for a Sailor of the Scuttled Cruiser Admiral Graf Spe

Item #G29690


This is a 3-day leave, between March 12, 1942 from 11:00am to March 15, 1942 at 12:00pm for a POW of the scuttled Kriegsmarine armoured cruiser Admiral Graf Spee from the Argentinian camp on isla Martin Garcia. The document is made out to NCO Espenschied, who, via this document, promises to return at the previously aforementioned date and time. The pass features a crisp ink stamp on the bottom left corner of the Kriegsmarine Command of the Panzerschiff Admiral Spee, measuring 220 mm x 116 mm in total; and in very fine condition with light age spots. (C: 100)

Footnote: Admiral Graf Spee was a Deutschland-Class “Panzerschiff” (armoured ship). She was completed in January 1936, weighing nominally under the 10,000 tons limitation on warship size imposed by the Treaty of Versailles. She was armed with six 28 cm (11 inch) guns in two triple gun turrets. She, and her sister ships were designed to out-gun any opposing ship fast enough to catch up to them. Graf Speer conducted five non-intervention patrols during the Spanish Civil War, between 1936 and 1938. Following the outbreak of the war, it sank nine ships totalling 50,089 gross register tons before being confronted by three British cruisers at the Battle of the River Plate on December 13, where she was heavily damaged. She was ordered to be scuttled by the commander of the ship, Hans Langsdorff later the same day. She was partially broken up but remains partially visible above the surface of the water. (C:100)