A Rare HJ Leader's Visor Crusher by Peter Kupper

Item #G25540

This cap is in light brown doeskin wool with a traditional high peak, red piping along the top edge and silver bullion piping in a thatched pattern flanking either side of the band on the sidewall. It is decorated with a well-detailed silvered aluminum eagle insignia on the peak, plus a Hitler Youth badge in red, white and black enamels on the band below on the front, three holes surrounding the badge where a wreath insignia that had been placed by an Allied veteran had been placed and subsequently removed. The silver bullion chin cords are appropriately knotted at either end, designating the wearer to be a leader, and are attached to pebbled silvered buttons on either side. The vulcan visor has a smooth black leather-look upper and has a butterscotch-coloured synthetic underside. The light brown leather sweatband is perforated along the front edge with five tiny rows of forty ventilation holes each, the ends of the sweatband not pinned together. The original owner has had his initials "S.H." punched in tiny holes on the right side of the sweatband, the "S" from the runic alphabet. There is a manufacturer's label glued to the underside on the left side, the label printed in brown ink with a large RZM insignia, marked "Tuchm├╝tze" (Cloth Cap), "Hersteller" (Manufacturer) and coded "1073" representing Peter Kupper (Pekuro), above "Reichszeugmeisterei der NSDAP. Nr. C", with a six-sided star and numbered "105124". The inside of the cap is lined in light brown nylon, with the dome brandishing an unmarked diamond-shaped celluloid moisture shield, measuring 235 mm x 260 mm x 160 mm in height overall. The cap exhibits scattered fraying in the bottom strip of silver bullion piping at the rear, soiling on the top, crazing in the red enamels on the Hitler Youth insignia, cracking and wear from active use on the leather sweatband, a tear in the diamond-shaped celluloid moisture shield. As worn, very fine and extremely rare.