Germany. A Waffen SS-Polizei-Division Cufftitle

Item #G23749

This cufftitle measures approximately 46cm (or 18 inches) in length, and is approximately 32mm (or 1 1/8 inches) tall; it is of black rayon construction, with "BeVo” (for Bandfabrik Ewald Vorsteher, Wuppertal) style, machine woven, Latin script, "SS-Polizei-Division" embroidered in the center in silvery-grey rayon threads; cufftitle is bordered at both the top and bottom edges with interwoven silvery-grey rayon threads. The reverse features typical, so called "salt & pepper" pattern on reverse. This cufftitle has been removed from uniform, in well worn condition, . Footnote: This item was brought back by US Army NCO C.H. Johnson, born in 1915, from Ohio, who was stationed at Camp Dachau in 1945; photocopy of his US Army Camp Dachau Identification Card (Nr.8063) will be accompanied with this item. C.H. Johnson was killed in a tragic car accident in 1972; souvenirs from Dachau he brought back (together with his uniform, photos, documents) were sold to a collector in Ohio, who in turn sold them to eMedals.