An NSKOV Cologne-Aachen District (Gau Köln-Aachen) Armband

Item #G21674

(National Sozialistische Kriegsopferversorung) : Black wool base, with two 5 mm wide strips of fine aluminum bullion wire interlaced with white threading sewn horizontally near the top and bottom edges, white embroidered lettering in the centre with "NSKOV" in an arch and "Gau Köln-Aachen" below, with a 15.3 mm x 30.7 mm silvered zinc badge illustrating the NSKOV insignia, the badge marked with the RZM (Reichszeugmeisterei) insignia and maker marked "M1" over "52" (Deschler & Sohn, München) on the reverse, the armband measuring 88 mm x 330 mm, the bottom aluminum bullion wire strip coming away from the body of the armband for approximately 30 mm near the lightly soiled "Gau Köln-Aachen" embroidered type, near extremely fine.