A German Overcoat Belt with Single Open Claw Buckle

Item #G21011



Single-prong open-claw buckle in magnetic nickel-plated steel on the right end, unmarked, the buckle measuring 35.8 mm x 39.7 mm. The belt is composed of two pieces of thin smooth-finished black leather stitched end-to-end, each piece folded over and creating both the upper and underside of the belt, a single row of nine holes with black painted reinforcing eyelets on the left end, the belt measuring 33 mm x 915 mm. Scattered wear in the plating on the buckle, the belt without interruptions in the fabric, extremely fine.

Footnote: From the collection of approximately 900 German buckles accumulated by John R. Angolia, who start collecting buckles, belts and brocades from 1944 until around 1990; most of the buckles were obtained from the American and German veterans; most of these buckles present a core of Angolia’s book “Belt Buckles & Brocades of the Third Reich”, published in 2001.