Two German Red Cross (DRK) Armbands

Item #G19681

German Red Cross (DRK) Armband (white rayon with an embroidered red cross, stamped in black ink with the German Red Cross (DRK) insignia immediately to the right of the red cross, 92 mm x 397 mm, the ends not sewn together, with two fold marks and spotting at the ends); and German Red Cross (DRK) Travem√ľnde Group Armband (white cotton, with two pieces of overlapping red cotton forming a red cross sewn in the middle, with the black ink stamped inscription "DEUTSCHES ROTEN KREUZ" framing the cross and stamped "Ortsgruppe Travem√ľnde" below, 124 mm x 196 mm, the ends sewn together on the reverse with a few spots near the seam). Both are relatively clean, with limited spotting, better than very fine.