A South African El Alamein and Monte Cassino Medal Group Consignment #36

Item #W2972

A South African El Alamein and Monte Cassino Medal Group - 1939-1945 Star (221768 J.V.B. ROBSON); Africa Star, 1 Clasp - 8th ARMY (221768 J.V.B. ROBSON); Italy Star (221768 J.V.B. ROBSON); War Medal 1939-1945 (221768 J.V.B. ROBSON); and Africa Service Medal 1939-1945 (221768 J.V.B. ROBSON). Naming is officially impressed. Mounted to a suspension with swing bar pinback, as worn by the veteran, the WM is reverse mounted, original ribbons, light contact and wear, better than very fine. Accompanied by a Ribbon Bar (ribbon for the Africa Star with "8" clasp remains intact, fragments of the Africa Service Medal ribbon evident), along with copies of his Index Cards, Volunteer Units of the Union Defence Force Attestation Papers, Service Records, Application for Campaign Medals (1939-45 War), along with assorted research papers.    Footnote: Jack Vivien Balfour Robson was born on October 18, 1915 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was a resident of Johannesburg when he signed his Union Defence Force Attestation Paper as a Private, with the 20th Divisional, Field Park Company, South African Engineering Corps, on July 12, 1940 at Johannesburg, at the age of 24, naming his next-of-kin as his mother, Mary Dalziel Robson of Johannesburg, indicating he had no previous military service, stating that he was Single and that his trade was that of Electrician. He officially enlisted on August 19th, the day he classified as 'A' Artisan (Electrician), later reclassifying 'A' Artisan (Electrician) on October 1st. Robson was admitted to Barberton Camp Hospital in Barberton on October 28th for three days treatment, the malady not specified, before being discharged on the 31st. He proceeded on convoy from the 20th Divisional, Field Park Company, South African Engineering Corps, on February 10, 1941 and completed his convoy duties, then returned to his unit on the 14th. Robson embarked Durban with the 20th Divisional, Field Park Company, South African Engineering Corps, 2nd South African Division, aboard the S.S. Dempo, on April 22, 1941, disembarking at Suez, Egypt on May 12th. He served with the 20th Divisional, Field Park Company, South African Engineering Corps until November 12, 1941, when he was transferred to the War Department, Compressed Gas Depot, which was the the only unit in the Middle East manufacturing and supplying vital compressed gas services. The timing of the transfer was fortunate for Robson, as the 20th Divisional, Field Park Company, South African Engineering Corps was later lost en masse at Torbruk seven months later, on June 21, 1942. Robson committed an offence while stationed at El Alamein, on August 22, 1941, contravening Section 40 MDC, the report stating: "Whilst on parade in Unit Lines stood with a lighted cigarette concealed behind his back.". He was subsequently sentenced to seven days Confinement to Base for his infraction. Between the First and Second Battles of El Alamein, Robson was promoted to Temporary Lance Corporal on August 18, 1942. After the fighting ceased at El Alamein, Robson was posted to 22 Corps Field Park Company, South African Engineering Corps, followed by a promotion to Temporary Corporal on February 1, 1943. He returned to the Union on July 12, 1943 for Home Leave disembarking at Durban on August 7th. He returned again to the Middle Eastern theatre, embarking Durban aboard the S.S. Orduna on October 19, 1943, arriving in Suez on November 6th, where he was taken on strength by 22 Corps Field Park Company that day. Ten days later, Robson was posted for service in Italy with 22 Corps Field Park Company, on November 16th, where he was to serve until September 18, 1945. This particular unit supported the third and final attack on Monte Cassino in May 1944, and from February to April 1945, they worked on bridging the River Po. After the ceasing of hostilities, he returned to South Africa in September 1945. Robson was discharged from active service upon partial demobilization on October 21, 1945 with the rank of Corporal, at the age of 40, credited with having served five years and sixty-three days with the Union Defence Force, his character noted as "Very Good", his Sobriety as "Sober" and his Efficiency as "Efficient". For his Second World War Service, he was awarded the 1939-1945 Star, the Africa Star with the 8th Army clasp, the Italy Star, the War Medal 1939-1945 and the Africa Service Medal 1939-1945. After the war, he married Joan Averil Andrews on May 1, 1948 in Pretoria. (C:36)