A Royal Bulgarian Army Officer's Dress Dagger

Item #M0041-9


A Royal Bulgarian Army Officer's Dress Dagger - Measuring 407 mm, with the scabbard on, this dagger features a 257 mm finely-detailed engraved plated blade, magnetic, with unsharpened edges, remaining bright and crisp, having a very dull tip. The obverse has the cypher of Tsar Boris III on the obverse and the inscription "Za Nami Boga" (God is with Us) in cyrillic type on the reverse. Wear evident along the edges from the mid-point of the blade to the point, in addition to faint scratches overall, common to extraction and return to the scabbard, with a natural shine. The black leather washer at the crossguard junction is in intact, while the silvered bronze crossguard features the Bulgarian coat-of-arms on one side and the Military Order of Bravery 1912 on the other, with lions heads forming the quillons, the insignias exhibiting wear, complemented by a ferrule with a repeating oak leaf design. The orange synthetic grip is smooth, with one large chip at the mid-point on the obverse, along with crazing in various areas, accented by eight rows of tight, gold-coloured springy wire which remains intact. The pommel is in the form of an eight-panel silvered crown topped by a cross, the daggermeasuring 377 in length. The steel scabbard is magnetic and appears without dents, with a nice pebbling effect, while the two bands display the flattened, detailed repeating oak leaf pattern. The throat and dagger hanger rings are brass, the throat held in place via one brass screw, the other screw having been lost to time. The scabbard exhibits silvering loss and surface rust overall, with scattered dents and contact marks, measuring 282 mm in length. Fine. (C:41)