A Wehrpass and Documents to the Austrian Johann Starch

Item #G14975

A Wehrpass and Documents to the Austrian Johann Starch - Starch was born November 22nd, 1910 in Vienna. He identified as Roman Catholic, and a citizen of the German Reich. He was unmarried and worked as a Precision Mechanic. His father Gustav was a butcher, and his mother Barbara was born Seydl. He listed his special athletic skills as swimming and skiing, and he was able to drive though he had no license. He underwent military inspection at Vienna’s first district on June 14th, 1939, and again on September 6th, 1940, both times being ruled fit for service. On June 14th, 1939 he was required to complete a short term specialized education for his army service, likely because of his professional experience which was valued by the Army Command. There is a Wehrpassnotiz in pink from August 19th, 1943 which was meant to be stapled into his Wehrpass, which identifies him as a critical worker, and indispensable in his position. The Notiz was to be shown at any Work Office that required his service.