A Wehrpass & Records to the 13th Reserve Territorial Infantry Battalion

Item #G14956

A Wehrpass & Records to the 13th Reserve Territorial Infantry Battalion - Johann Turbanisch Documents: Wehrpass, 56 pages, unusual cover, very fine; Health Record; Summary from Personnel Roster.   Footnote: Johann Turbanisch was born on December 25th, 1887 in the village of Gaisheim, in lower Bavaria. He was a married Catholic man and father of eleven. His parents were Johann and Karolina; father Johann died in 1927. He was trained to work as a metal worker, but worked as a farmer. On May 11th, 1944 he was conscripted for service and underwent inspection at the regional command office in Bamberg. He was given a conditional pass and sorted into the Landsturm, the German militia. On July 31st, 1944 he was posted to the 13th Reserve Territorial Infantry Battalion. He was previously excluded from active service because of his health and having previously served in 1914 to 1915 in a light infantry battalion. He had a number of health concerns, including failing vision. On November 13th, 1944 he was sent to a physician for an abscess in his eye for which he needed treatment.