A Diplomat's Exqusite Gold Miniature Set of International Orders

Item #EU6384

A Diplomat's Gold Miniature Group of Five - Japan, Order of the Rising Sun (in silver and enamels, 15.4 mm); Russia, Order of St. Stanislaus (in Gold and enamels, 13.5 mm x 16 mm); Denmark, Order of the Dannebrog, Christian IX issue, 1863-1906 (in Gold and enamels, 12.3 mm x 28.8 mm); Russia, Order of St. Anne (in Gold and enamels, 14 mm x 16.3 mm); and Japan, Order of the Sacred Treasure (in Gold and enamels, 17.8 mm x 14.6 mm), attached as a group to (GOLD) pinback with locking clasp, intact enamels, nearly extremely fine.