SA Partially Ground Röhm Dagger by Eickhorn

Item #G8888

SA Partially Ground Röhm Dagger by maker CARL EICKHORN, SOLINGEN (squirrel in double oval etched TM); Nickel-silver hilt fittings show light to moderate surface wear/age patina. Reddish-brown colored wooden grip shows light surface, and no cracks or chips; and with silver eagle and SA insert properly inset. Mirror polished blade grades extremely fine plus, showing light surface wear/runner marks without pitting or nicks to cutting edges, and with full cross-graining. Deeply etched motto retains 100% of the light gray background frosting. Reverse Röhm inscription has been professionally ground. Dent-free steel scabbard shows minor surface wear with virtually 100% of the brown anodization remaining. Dent-free upper and lower nickel-silver fitting, with undamaged screws, show light use/wear and nice patina, without damage to the lower ball. Dagger is complete with fine quality brown leather hanger with early Nickel-silver buckle and unmarked upper clip. Overall in extremely fine condition.