The Wehrpass for Gerhard Lehl

Item #G8881

The Wehrpass for Gerhard Lehl - Wehrpass for Gerhard Lehl, a mechanic / assemblyman. Though few pages are filled, the booklet is 52 pages and details the following contents: Wehrpass comes with his photo, plus another photo of him in uniform: Personal Information (page 3); Lehl was born the 15th September, 1923 in Berlin-Steglitz and was a citizen of the Deutsches Reich. He was unmarried, the son of Willi (father) and Gertrud Lehl (mother). He attended elementary and middle school education. Military Examination and Conscription (page 5); Lehl was drafted, not a volunteer. Compulsory Labor Service (page 8), No data written. Active Military Duty, page 11; Military Duty in Leave of Service, page 36: Lehl was enlisted the 15th April, 1942 and sworn in the 9th of May. There are several entries for “Membership services of the army or the air force” under the heading of “war” between 1942 and 1945. Entries on page 32 for “War: participated combats, battles and operations” include: 19th Oct. 1944 - 29th Dec. 1944 – Anti-Partisan fights during disengagements ... in the southern Hungarian region 30th Dec. 1944 - 29th Mar. 1945 - Offensive and defensive battles in Southern Hungary and between Drava and Lake Balaton 30th Mar. 1945 - 8th May 1945 - Offensive and defensive battles in Western Hungary and in the South-east wall (Styria) Final note on page 46: “Occupational information changed in French captivity, 28th August 1948.” Swastika on Wehrpass front had been obliterated, otherwise in very good condition.