Germany, Third Reich. A Rare Badge of the Military Administration of Belgium and Northern France

Item #G50171


(Militär Verwaltung Mitgliedsabzeichen). Constructed of silvered bronze with multi-coloured enamels, the obverse consisting of an oval ring finished in a classic Wehrmacht red, white, and black motif, bearing a silvered inscription of “MILITÄR VERWALTUNG BELGIEN UND N. FRANKREICH” (“MILITARY ADMINISTRATION OF BELGIUM AND NORTHERN FRANCE”) across the black ring, overlaid by a silvered Wehrmacht-style German national eagle clutching a wreathed mobile swastika, the reverse stamped with an identification number of “378” indicating an early-issue badger, topped by a horizontal pinback, unmarked, measuring 50.82 mm (w) x 29.33 mm (h), weighing 9.4 grams, minor hairline cracks are evident to the enamels, a rare badge in overall very fine condition.