Russia, Imperial. A 1916 First World War Bond Poster, by Sigsidmunds Vidbergs

Item #EU18738

An extremely well-preserved First World War bond poster, constructed of paper stock and affixed to an original linen backer. It depicts a full-colour printed image of Imperial Russian Army soldiers advancing over a hill and aiming rifles. Coloured black, the hill is overlaid by a pre-Revolutionary Russian Cyrillic inscription of “ПОМОГАЕТЕ ЛИ ВЫ ДОБЛЕСТНОЙ АРМИИ СРАЖАТЬСЯ СЪ БРАГОМЪ? ПРЕНЯЛИ ЛИ ВЫ УЧАСТІЕ ВЪ ЗАЙМЕ? (“ARE YOU HELPING A VALIANT ARMY TO FIGHT THE ENEMY? DID YOU TAKE PART IN THE LOAN?”) and ““ВОЕННЫЙ 5 ½% ЗАЕМЪ” (“5 ½% WAR LOANS”). While unmarked, the poster is a known design of Latvian graphic artist Sigsigmunds Vidbergs, and bears a printer mark of “Т. КИББЕЛ, ПЕТРОГРАД” (“T. KIBBEL, PETROGRAD”). The poster measures 980 mm (w) x 705 mm (h) (inclusive of linen backer). With only minor signs of material fatigue, it is in an overall extremely fine condition.