Germany, HJ. A Pair of Uniform Insignia

Item #G48264

(HJ Insignien). A pair of uniform insignia, including an East Sudetenland sleeve insignia, constructed of black rayon, the obverse bearing a machine-embroidered golden-yellow inscription of “OST SUDETENLAND”, unmarked, measuring 100 mm (w) x 48 mm (h), in near extremely fine condition, and; a HJ Fire Brigade insignia, constructed of black rayon, the exterior bearing a machine-embroidered multi-coloured emblem, the reverse retaining an intact Reichszeugmeisterei (RZM) label bearing a maker’s code of “A4/44” and a secondary code of “187036”, measuring 56 mm (w) x 78 mm (h), in unissued and extremely fine condition.